Tomorrow you can buy any .au domain that hasn’t already been claimed; the six-month priority period expires today.

There should be several upcoming comical examples of businesses that didn’t buy theirs finding a domain squatter has bought it.

@futzle Need to think up some reason to have a mountain based business so I can register


@dadegroot I checked all the words ending in -au for availability a few months ago and they were all taken except for some very esoteric musical instruments like and

@futzle Not surprising. And I can't say there'd be a lot of useful words ending in au anyway. Well not English ones.

@futzle …I don't know if that's true. I thought it was, but reading now it says “If no priority applications have been made for the .au direct match [by tomorrow], it will be become available for registration by the general public at 21:00 UTC 3 Oct 2022 (8:00AM AEDT 4 Oct).”

@ash @futzle I was coming back to say the same thing, but I can't fathom why the dates are different. There's no indication on the info page what is different during the two week gap.

@futzle I find it funny we got .au but a corp with an Australia domain can claim the au name as well. So what was the point besides a money grab.

@futzle totally had forgotten I put a couple of claims in, and as they weren't contested by anyone else I got an email this morning confirming I know own:


@mike “grouseau” sounds like a French word that never was.

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