Hey Lazyweb, electronics question. I had to cut a through-hole SPST momentary switch from a PCB because it was using some high-temperature solder that wouldn’t melt sufficiently (or it’s connected to a massive ground plane that sucks up all the heat). Now I need to put a new switch in, and I need to drill out the holes and the remainder of the legs. Is there a suitable power tool for doing this delicate work? There are nearby SMT components that I don’t want to disturb.

OK, I'm calling it done. I got three of the holes clear of legs and solder with a shitton of heat and lots of jiggling through from the other side of a power diode lead and/or a SIM removal tool. Three is good enough because it's an SPST switch and I know the fourth pad is shorted to one of the others anyway. I won't know if my fix is good until I can get a replacement switch, and maybe not even after that for a long time, because this is a backup controller unit and who knows when it'll be pushed into service.

Thanks everyone for the advice.


(Yes, Mum, I switched off the soldering iron.)

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Actually I tooted this to myself because now that I’m home I am wondering if I turned off the soldering iron, and I have this toot to reassure me that I did.

@futzle This is a VERY WISE TOOT, Deb. I think I shall adapt this into my workflow, because it's been a bugbear of mine for my entire life. It's an obsessive compulsive trait for me, and NOT FUN.

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