Is anyone here interested in acquiring this complete set of Babylon 5 scripts and assorted other books that Cafe Press did in the 2010s? Very good to mint condition. Many are autographed by actors and JMS. :boost_ok:

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I'll chuck in that Arduino book too if you buy the lot.

Here's what you'll find inside the black-, blue-, and red-spined ones: Seems they were published 2005-2009.

Echoes of All Our Conversations books are apparently full of behind-the-scenes stuff.

@nemobis No, and having a digital copy would be missing the point of a collector’s item.

@futzle All collector's items end up in the physical archive of the Internet Archive when the collector gets sick of them. :)

If you have no takers and you're willing to ship them to California I'm happy to cover the costs.

I'm interested, what are you asking?
God knows where I'm going to put them but, hey, Babylon 5!

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