:boost_ok: What random and useless words or phrases do you know from a language that you should not know anything about?

I’ll start: I know the Quechua word for “dog house” (alqowasi), a concept that while well-formed is probably alien to many Quechua speakers. I have never been to Peru.

@futzle thanks to Pop Will Eat Itself, I know "dos dedos mis amigos" which is the total extent of my command of Spanish.

@mike @futzle many random bits of spanish (and mangled spanish) from english songs, eg donda esta la pollo?

@futzle @dartigen Not sure what constitutes “should not know anything about”, but I’ll argue that no one “should” know anything about Quenya (one of Tolkien’s Elvish languages). Naturally I know that “Eneth nin Ossymandias, aran erain” means “My name is Ozzymandias, king of kings”.

@futzle Years ago I was working for a small manufacturing company in Montreal. I had to frequently spend time on the shop floor, and the staff was multicultural. I learned swear words in Polish and in Vietnamese. I won't repeat them here. 😅 (I wouldn't know how to spell them anyway 😜)

IMHO it's a good sign of a successful integration of immigrants when people from different cultural backgrounds working together teach each other swear words from their native language. 😁

@futzle today I learnt that the English word "taboo" comes from the Tongan word "tabu", which means "forbidden" or "sacred".

I have never been to Tonga.

@futzle dragostea din tei from o-zone is valid? I used to sing it and late I learn the translation.

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