Here are all four of the Peer Gynt quilts, laid out on the Moonglow bed quilt that my partner made. Almost two years in the making!

If you missed the start of this project: each of the wall quilts is inspired by one of the four movements in Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite (Morning Mood, Ase's Death, Anitra's Dance, In the Hall of the Mountain King). One shape per bar. You can follow along if you listen to the music.


@lj Thank you :) I have blog posts about them, I've got to finish the last two and then I'll add a link here.

@futzle these are absolutely spectacular! such a cool inspiration, and yep I can hear the music just looking at them ^_^

@bouncinglime Thank you :) I will hear the music every time I walk past them hanging in the hallway!

@futzle these are all gorgeous! Peer Gynt is one of my favorite orchestral pieces, and it's just lovely to see it laid out visually like this

@emmajuettner Thank you! I was initially inspired by Anne Adams’s “Unravelling Bolero”, which is a painting not a quilt.

@futzle @fiberarts the one in the lower left somehow reminds me of wang tilings
sorry, text is in german but there are links and screenshots...

@elbosso Wang tiles are awesome. I have another craft project on the backburner that uses them.

@futzle @fiberarts Wow. Those are stunningly beautiful. I hope you're really, really proud of your work.

@Fishercat Thank you! Yes, I’m very pleased with how they turned out.

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