My guitar amp simulation software of choice has been BIAS FX 2 on my iPad ( and it's pretty great, but I'm starting to get the point where I'm outgrowing the iPad for what I want to do, I think. I've bought a selection of BIAS FX 2 stuff on desktop, and it comes with Audio Units plugins that you can use in GarageBand and such.

It turns out you can get a 90-day trial of Logic Pro, so I'm giving that a red hot go and we'll see if I can manage to make some sort of song! I recorded some drums earlier today but my biggest issue there is keeping in time, even with a metronome going. 😛

And I've just discovered Impulse Responses too, whee.

Eeee I recorded my first song in Logic Pro, with me playing both guitar and drums! 😁 Granted it's less than a minute long and is pretty repetitive, but whatever. Yay!

Big thanks to @futzle for pointing out Logic's "quantize" functionality that will automatically move your slightly-out-of-time notes to be back in time, very helpful for getting a good drum track. The drums were was just recorded straight into Logic then quantized, rather than playing back again with any of the built-in Roland drum controller kits that the drum kit comes with (I haven't even looked into how that's done yet), and the guitar was recoded with one of Positive Grid's "BIAS Pedal" effects.

@futzle Actually I have a question about that, if I might! Just to make sure I'm understanding this right...

It seems like I'd need to have a USB recording interface that the V-Drums plug _back_ into and I'd be recording in Logic just as a standard audio track, but it'd be playing the notes I recorded originally as MIDI, right?

@virtualwolf It depends. What’s your current setup? Where does the audio travel once it leaves your drum kit?

@futzle Ah actually, nevermind! I just found out that the drum kit supports both sending and receiving MIDI and USB audio, you just need a driver for the latter, which I hadn't installed:

(Also, colour me surprised that they've got an Apple Silicon-native version of it.)

This page was helpful for getting my head around it too:


@virtualwolf Yeah, that’s the ideal setup if your equipment supports it, I was leading up to asking if it worked on your drum kit.

@futzle @virtualwolf I hooked my drum kit's MIDI up to some kits in Garageband rather than recording it's audio the other week and damn it sounded nice and worked so well

@jimbob @futzle @virtualwolf
I use a Roland TD-11K at home.

Most of the time I plug it into my PC using midi-over-usb, where the midi can be used to trigger sounds from EZ Drummer software, which I reckon sounds good.

Sometimes I record into a Tascam Portastudio instead, and for that I just run the analogue line out from the TD-11K into the Tascam.

I think the sounds right out of the Roland head are pretty good on their own, especially if you tweak a custom kit preset to your liking.

Using the line out doesn't allow me to do as much with the track in post, but for me that can be a blessing.

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