My guitar amp simulation software of choice has been BIAS FX 2 on my iPad ( and it's pretty great, but I'm starting to get the point where I'm outgrowing the iPad for what I want to do, I think. I've bought a selection of BIAS FX 2 stuff on desktop, and it comes with Audio Units plugins that you can use in GarageBand and such.

It turns out you can get a 90-day trial of Logic Pro, so I'm giving that a red hot go and we'll see if I can manage to make some sort of song! I recorded some drums earlier today but my biggest issue there is keeping in time, even with a metronome going. 😛


@virtualwolf Can you record MIDI off your drum kit and quantize it in Logic Pro, then play it back to your drum kit? It’s what I do (except my drum kit is keys C2 to B6 on my synth).

@futzle Ooh interesting. I... don't know! There's a LOT to learn here. 😅

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