Keyboard Hep Cat, my entry, a stochastic jazz jam session being composed by my Korg wavestate. 1'51" long, instrumental. @fedivision

I recorded this live while playing the keyboard on the wavestate. My hands hardly move; the drums and bass are sequences played by me pressing one note for the duration of the piece. The piano ad-lib is likewise being composed by the synthesizer. All I do is hold down a key.

Some technical info for anyone who's interested:

The wavestate is a wave sequencer; it plays samples at certain timestamps in a loop (as the drum track does), potentially at varying programmed pitches to produce a riff (as the bass track does), potentially with randomized elements (as the pad does with pitch ±2 semitones).

The randomized element can extend to timing and pitch, like what the piano part does in the middle. Timing and pitch are parallel sequences which can run independently: you can hear where sometimes a note is twice as long as the others. I've tied the level of randomization to the modulation wheel; it's the only thing I move during this entire performance. The wavestate is choosing every piano note based on a distribution, with the tonic and dominant more common than the other notes.

I recorded the song, live, straight to a DAW. The only postprocessing I did in the DAW was a bit of equalization and a fade at the end.

@futzle god wesley willis would have been so powerful if he were alive today

Generative patches called "Noodles" are common in the Lunetta community. Lunettas are named after Stanley Lunetta and are electronic music devices fashioned mostly from CMOS chips.
See here for chiptunes generators using just a few CMOS chips:

@futzle Oh, that's beautiful! Did you already enter it on the website, too? :)

@TQ Not yet, I’ll do that once I find a place to store the mp3.

That’s nice! Out of curiosity, how many takes did it take you to get a generated part you liked?

@tfb @fedivision This was the first take which I didn’t screw up the timing of.

Nice! It is hard to go wrong with a pentatonic scale.

@Deborah Pickett Nice one! Really like the feel of it. Laidback and groovy!
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