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ok I am cackling that apple had to back down and put the SD card slot, HDMI, and MagSafe connector back again

re: big tech co 

"... with all the ports you need" oh yeah? huh? really? that's so strange how come we didn't have all those ports?? any ideas apple? any guesses why maybe those ports were mysteriously missing for several years????? 🙃

re: big tech co 

imagine naming your CPU models "_ pro" and "_ max". clown shoes marketing thinking. wtf are you going to do next year huh oh yeah I know it'll be the "_ Pro Max open bracket 2nd generation close bracket" because capitalism rots your brain

re: big tech co 

@s0 [waxes and twirls a 1930s RAF moustache] Mk. II

[in horror, grey haired, sometime in 1942] Mk. XXVIII

re: big tech co 

@liamvhogan M1 Pro Max Extreme Mini v3 final MkII complete FINAL_FINAL2 (1).docx


re: big tech co 

@s0 @liamvhogan I came here to say that.

I give Intel a hard time about their naming conventions but at least they’ve been thinking about the future.

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