Every year on the day of the winter solstice, my cat and I can talk to each other.

My heart sank yesterday when I greeted my cat and all I got in return was emphatic meows. I checked the almanac and double-checked online. Had the magic left us? I slept terribly last night.

This morning, the cat was apologetic. “My people changed our time zone in March. The solstice is today instead. I did try to tell you yesterday.”



@FutzleFiction Case in point: the June solstice this year was at 11.30 pm in Ottawa but 12.30 am in Halifax. Different days.

Time zones are like democracy. They’re the worst, except for all the alternatives.

@futzle @FutzleFiction This is why we all need to switch to Swatch Internet Time immediately.
@liamvhogan @futzle @FutzleFiction I do enjoy the fact that, at the end of the day, there's really nothing stopping you from just inventing and using your own timezone.
Give me half an hour and I'll even have a tzdata file so that all of my computers understand it too.
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