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📺🔊You told us you liked brownies from the edge of the pan, so we brought you the All-Edge Brownie Pan™, with dividers on the inside, now every brownie is an edge brownie.

Now, for those who prefer the middle brownies, we bring you ➡The No-Edge Brownie Pan™⬅ where every piece is from the middle!

Order now! (Add $10 for handling. Requires Boundless® or compatible four-dimensional oven. Brownie corners add to more than 360°. Do not use No-Edge and All-Edge pans simultaneously.)

#microfiction, food 

R&D is now working on the Some-Edge Brownie Pan™ (catchphrase: there’s something for everyone) but there are engineering challenges.

#microfiction, food 

The All-Edge Brownie Pan is a real thing. Here’s where you can buy it.

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