Multiple-choice poll for multiple items of a popular Danish toy for kids 4–99. Select all that apply. :boost_ok:

I love how the (see results) option has no votes at all. It’s like everyone has an opinion and isn’t afraid to share it.

Results, in case they don’t federate properly to you:
LEGOs (countable noun) 44%
LEGO pieces (adjective) 34%
LEGO (uncountable noun) 59%
(See results) 8%
168 votes

Some observations:
• Thanks to time zones, (uncountable noun) shot ahead as the Eastern Hemisphere voted. It was about 1:5 LEGOs:LEGO for the first twelve hours. The two added up to 100% exactly, suggesting that everyone had a firm opinion of what was “correct”.
• As the Western Hemisphere voted, things got messy. Votes for LEGOs:LEGO nouns were about 2:1.
• Uncountable winning the vote probably says something about where my followers live.

• Some people voted for both countable and uncountable, as the total adds up to more than 100%. This seems to be a Western Hemisphere phenomenon based on the time of the votes.
• The LEGO company’s official position (adjective) stayed at around 1/3 of the submissions over the entire poll.

@futzle Can't half tell the non-US bias in this poll. 😂

@futzle I don't have an opinion, I have facts.

When I was in primary school, maybe grade 2 or 3, I once hit a kid on the head because he kept saying "LEGOs" even after I'd helpfully explained to him that he was wrong.

@mike @futzle I have facts too. I was at a conference and one of the speakers was from LEGO group.

It is LEGO. "There is LEGO on the floor" "I want to play with my LEGO" "I need a green piece of LEGO"

@M0YNG @mike @futzle

I think there is a geographical difference, its mostly only Americans who say "LEGOs" whilst Europe and the Commonwealth say LEGO...

@futzle I know what the lego company says it's supposed to be but i've been saying LEGOs since I got my first set and a 30-some year habit is hard to break

@futzle legoes, like potatoes

constantly tempted to say legoi

I would say Lego bricks (Lego Steine in German). Ok, It's very similar to the second option.

@futzle "Select all that apply" prevents me from accurately calculating how many respondents are being wrong on the internet. Foiled.

@hugh Deliberately, sorry. I wanted to be descriptivist even though I also have strong personal opinions.

@futzle I'd only say "LEGO pieces" if I was talking about individual single blocks.

@futzle since the word comes from Greek (‘logos’, and ‘lego’ the verb for ‘I count’), there should be an option for the plural to be ‘legoi’

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