We weren’t intending to find the fundamental building block of the universe, but that’s what we found.

“The grid is five Planck lengths along this axis,” I said to the press conference, pointing in the opposing directions of Vega and Canopus, “and five along this axis,” I turned 90° and pointed to Antares and Capella.

“And five along the third axis?” asked a reporter.

I paused, sheepish. “No. Six.”

The fundamental building block of the universe was LEGO.

It annoys me greatly that LEGO bricks are taller than a cube. It can only be a sign of a capricious and angry god.

@futzle I heard once something something golden ratio. But IDK I was like 7 at the time.

@agmlego *frowns and looks at this diagram* The side-on view of an X×2 brick is 10:6 which is close to the golden ratio. Maybe that?

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