One of my dogs likes tennis balls and the other likes sticks. I am getting them this educational toy so that they will learn about topology.

The dogs have submitted a proof that a cylinder and a sphere are topologically equivalent using the calculus of infinitesimals.

@futzle the critical topological feature of the sphere is lack of easy shapes to grab onto to tear apart, it seems

@futzle @s0 I concur and offer a supporting anecdote about some Koolies I once knew who could demolish a tennis ball in 30 seconds. Bird-dogs they were not.

@futzle Oof, oh dear! That scientific experiment certainly went well ...
Have you considered buying them a Kong toy? Those tend to be pretty hard to destroy, from what I've heard.

@Mayana I agree, Kong toys are pretty tough and my retrievers have a couple already. I think my dogs don’t find them to be as much fun as the toys that can be dismantled. :)

@futzle I suppose there is a certain joy in destroying things! 😂
But hey, while they might find them less fun, at least they'll still be there as backup once everything else has been chomped into pieces.

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