I’m selling my trusty Korg M1 synthesizer which I’ve had since 1990. Includes extra drum sounds on PCM card! Works perfectly, only cosmetic blemishes. Anybody in my neck of the woods interested before I put it up on eBay? Asking AUD500.

For sale: Korg M1 synth 

I've listed my Korg M1 synthesizer on eBay. Delivery to anywhere in Australia, or free pickup in Melbourne.

@futzle if I were not literally on the opposite side of the rock I'd be figuring out what to hock to bring that home

@djsundog It’s 240 V too so you’d have to factor in the cost of a transformer.

@futzle didn't you have one of these @mrc or am I misremembering? @Nikolai_Kingsley is my mind going?

@mike @futzle @Nikolai_Kingsley I didn't, maybe you're remembering the Korg DW8000 (if it's a Korg you're remembering) or the Casio CZ-1 (if it's the "1" you're remembering). Sold them both when I left Melbourne :-(

@mrc @futzle @Nikolai_Kingsley I don't think I was remembering anything specific, just looking at the pics gave me mad nostalgia vibes and made me think about the garage.

For sale: Korg M1 synth 

@futzle Were I in Melbourne, I’d be interested.

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