Now it must wait until the other three in the series are completed so that I can trim them all to the same size.

And this one ☝🏻 is Anitra’s Dance from the same suite, but until I add the quilting it’s hard to see where the path goes.

Metallic thread may look pretty but it is dreadful to work with (i.e., it causes dread). It snags and tangles if you so much as look at it wrong.

Embroidery finished (thank god). Now time to quilt it.

You can more easily see where the melody goes now. Start at the gold triangle at the top. This piece has a couple of repeats which take place at the nexus star. End at the gold triangle at upper left.

Whose silly idea was it to quilt the background in a dense covering pattern? This is taking forever.

My sewing machine just BSoD’d and I had to reboot it.

@urbanfuzzy If my quilt has the same curvature as an icosahedron then I’m doing it wrong.

@futzle i looked at this pic so many times now....i REALLY love this quilt! 🥰

@P_I_dolls Thanks! It’s not a random design, it’s tied 1:1 to a piece of classical music. Watch and see!

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