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Hi, I’m Deborah (Debbie, Deb), I live in , Australia. I am a Gen X parent to 3 and 2 which I toot about liberally.
I am the sysadmin at a plastics company. You can follow the saga at (or mute if you’re just here for the pets).
I write short stories at @FutzleFiction, posting 2-3 times weekly, with a SF theme.
Interests: , especially , , ; , , , , , ; , especially ; .
I am trаns but I seldom talk about that.

I always CW these topics: food, medical, politics, eye contact. I always describe images. I may add image descriptions to your posts so that I can boost them.
I have a very long list of muted terms. Thank you for using them consistently and CWing your posts.

Followers with no profile and no posts will find themselves softblocked. If your posts are set to followers-only, I suggest interacting with me first. No flirting, please.
I block users who post: white supremacy, racism, queerphobia of all kinds, anti-vax and far-right political content, porn.

Boosting in case some folks missed it first time round. Plans are still the same at this stage.

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Hey Sydney and Canberra and Hume Highway people! I’m going to be driving Melbourne to Sydney for work in the last week of October. Current plans are to stay in Sydney 24–27 October, and Canberra/Murrumbateman 28–29 October. Keen to meet as many folks as possible!

ukpol, question from a foreigner 

I’m surprised I’m not seeing more overt misogyny and racism with respect to the PM and the Chancellor. Assuming it’s there (it must be, right?) am I just experiencing my own media bubble?

@aeduna Hello there, you found me! <inserts Goon Show reference>

Can anyone help identify the #hamradio device in the upper left of this photo? It looks similar to the SB-620 Scanalyzer, but doesn't have enough knobs. The panel is also a different green to the rest of my #heathkit SB-series equipment.


Maybe it's time for me to change all my domain controllers to think they are in UTC.

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I know they say you shouldn't run a domain controller inside a domain-connected Hyper-V server, for this (among others) reason, but to do otherwise is to duplicate server hardware and Windows Server licences, and for this rare event, compounded by a time zone change, it's not economical for a satellite location such as $site.

Also, as recently mentioned, if Windows stored its real-time clock in UTC instead of local time, this would not have been an issue.

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Spectacular. Our Windows domain controller at $site was down for four days because the Hyper-V server it was on had a broken power supply. During this time we had a time zone change at the site (daylight saving, have I mentioned how annoying it is today?). So when it all came back up:
- The Hyper-V server had no domain controller to connect to because the time was wrong.
- The domain controller thought it was an hour ago.
- Everyone's Kerberos tickets were invalid because they were out by an hour.
- I couldn't log in to Hyper-V manager because the Hyper-V server changed its firewall profile to Public instead of Domain.
- I couldn't log into the domain controller to set the time, because the Kerberos tickets were wrong.

In the end I had to:
- Remote desktop to the domain controller using its IP address, ignoring a warning about certificates.
- Set the time manually with the DOS "time" command.
- Remote desktop to the Hyper-V server and restart the Network Location Awareness service so it would know it's on the domain.
- Reboot everyone's computers so they got updated Kerberos tickets.


Anyone here interested in doing a logo design for me? I know /almost/ exactly what I want, and can point at stuff and say "like that, except..." B&W only. Just the actual making of it (and doing it well) aren't really in my wheelhouse.

Looking to spend $100 or less and get SVG in return.

Anyone interested?

October is Blindness Awareness Month, AMA! Fun facts to start:

93% of people with sight loss have some level of sight, even if it's just telling the difference between light and dark.

Braille users are pretty rare (I've heard different percentages but all in single digits) so don't think slapping Braille on everything means you're done with accessibility.

We tend to be very poor. 75% of working-age blind people in the UK don't have jobs. People think being blind means we can't do most things.

Looking for a senior engineer to join me on the Performance Team at Wikimedia Foundation, working on the open-source MediaWiki #PHP platform that powers Wikipedia.

(Feel free to DM or email me, ask anything!) #flossjobs #fossjobs #GetFediHired

I’m watching a TV series on cryptanalysis and it covers the usual tales of the Allies decoding German codes in WWII. But no one ever talks about whether Germany cracked the codes of the Allies. Did they? Or are there no such stories because no Allied codes were cracked?

if someone handed you a glowing crucible full of white hot liquid would you be able to tell whether that liquid was lava or molten iron?

this is important please answer quickly


The Synology Let The Admin Specify Two DNS Servers Challenge 2022.

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It’s called “single sign on” because there is a single point of failure—the authentication server—that can break everything if it is down.

[2023] US plans to switch to permanent daylight saving time. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

<scary Halloween laugh> End thread

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[2018] My Cyberpower UPS lets you set a time zone, and daylight saving rules, great! Only, it crashes mysteriously on the first day of the year because no one thought to check (1) UTC offset > 0, (2) DST starts in a later calendar month than it ends, so the year begins inside DST. I have this UPS now set to UTC and it is happy. Wrong, but happy.

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