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Hi, I'm Deborah, I live in , Australia. I am a Gen X parent to and which I toot about liberally.

I am the sysadmin at a plastics company. You can follow the saga at (or mute if you're just here for the pets).

Interests: quilting, maps, crochet, word puzzles, board games, sf, music.

I always CW these topics: food, medical, politics, eye contact. I always provide image descriptions. White supremacists and TERFs will be blocked on sight.

All these years, I thought that Vilcabamba, Peru and Vilcabamba, Ecuador were the same place. How embarrassment!

I've contacted John Valves for a product number and info sheet if they can provide one, or even just some info about what it does. But I'm pretty sure @peemee and @smallsees have it sussed and it's an air-valve. If anyone knows why they'd be installed 300m apart up and down my street, I'd be interested to know what they're doing.

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Alright internet, what's this thingo? There are at least two on my street in my little country town at the top of maybe a 2m metal pole. There are cable pits nearby, but nothing on them to indicate what company installed them. My best guess is some sort of bell?

anyway, here's a tutorial I've been working on recently about Inform 7 (a commonly used language for making interactive fiction):

it takes a somewhat unusual(?) route through the material, showing you how to implement your own actions, properties and relations before showing you how to use the built-in stuff (like "take lamp" and "go north"). I think this approach makes it easier to understand how Inform's syntax and the standard rules/world model actually work

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Does anyone know anyone in Sydney who needs a low power but mint condition & sturdy as a brick Lenovo laptop from 2011? I have a few other mutual aid groups to check. :boost_ok:

Hey #fediverse any tips for #bodypositive #fatpositive accounts to follow, especially from people of colour? Boosts and recommendations very much appreciated.

(I miss bodyposi and fatposi posts from Instagram, but I'm not making an account on that corporate hellsite again just for that...)

Working with the creator of #PHP, you sometimes get deep lore like "the original function hashing mechanism was strlen(), so I named the early functions so as to spread them out evenly in the hash table"

Food picture, Junior MasterChef Australia 

Partner made Carter’s carrot cake as seen in Junior MasterChef Australia 2020 episode 3. It’s good!


Deploying new machines is 10% knowing where the firmware updates are, 90% sitting around waiting for each and every update to want to reboot the computer after it installs.

Melbourne weather 

Over 40 mm of rain since midnight!

Star Trek: Discovery S03E02 (spoilers, silly) 

And a new meme was born.

Reno: Back at you, Bobcat.
Culber: “Bobcat”?
Reno: <shrugs> I don’t know, I’m on drugs.

I’m going to bed but I expect to be able to attach a gif of that to all my posts by tomorrow morning. Get to it, Internet.

lockdown adjacent 

To illustrate how much I pay by plastic now, I found a banknote in my wallet that has been there since February. In some jurisdictions we are now legally cohabiting and must file a joint tax return.

Fluffball Sophie could make a good future avatar if I ever get sick of the penguin.

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While trying to photograph Sophie being transfixed by an eastern spinebill in the callistemon bush, I accidentally composed a Japanese silk panel painting.

Curious. How old are y'all?


My order from Grounded Pleasures arrived today. BRB, having a hot chocolate, then another hot chocolate, then I’m having a hot chocolate.

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