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Hi, I’m Deborah (Debbie, Deb), I live in , Australia. I am a Gen X parent to 3 and 2 which I toot about liberally.
I am the sysadmin at a plastics company. You can follow the saga at (or mute if you’re just here for the pets).
I write short stories at @FutzleFiction, posting 2-3 times weekly, with a SF theme.
Interests: , especially , , ; , , , , , ; , especially ; .
I am trаns but I seldom talk about that.

I always CW these topics: food, medical, politics, eye contact. I always describe images. I may add image descriptions to your posts so that I can boost them.
I have a very long list of muted terms. Thank you for using them consistently and CWing your posts.

Followers with no profile and no posts will find themselves softblocked. If your posts are set to followers-only, I suggest interacting with me first. No flirting, please.
I block users who post: white supremacy, racism, queerphobia of all kinds, anti-vax and far-right political content, porn.

Wishing those north of the Murray a very fine long weekend.

Do I know anyone who has experience with the Django framework, and who is willing to do some paid consultation work for building an intranet at $dayjob? :boost_ok:

bandcamp easteregg 

Found an amusing when entering purchase amounts in , various numbers will popup a relevant emoji alongside. 3.21 got me a rocket, 4.2x and a tree

I would like to find more deafies on the Fediverse. Anybody know of any besides me?

One last blast on this plant survey before I close it in a couple of days, and it'd be awesome to get more responses, but especially awesome to hear from more Jewish people - no plant knowledge/experience required, open to all!



A server in Hobart turned off overnight and won’t turn back on. Its lights-out management works fine but the system refuses to power on when I send the command. Dell phone support was very good and they will be sending a replacement power supply Monday. Staff onsite have a workaround that should keep them going till then.

What's that open source magic noise cancelling software?

And to think I once bought my cats an expensive water fountain. (6 second video, no sound)

@Trina Hi there, welcome to! Please remember to make some posts and fill out your bio so we know you’re real!

We have a commercial account with a company that supplies toll-road automatic tags. We have ~30 tags, and after a while the batteries go flat in them. So I am very often having to hassle them to get one replaced.

If I had a personal account this would be easy: there's a button on the web UI. But commercial accounts have to contact a support line and plead their case. This feels precisely backwards.

Wild animal rescue (+) 

The dogs found (and almost ate) a tiny lost ringtail possum on a driveway while we were on our walk this morning. I hurried them home and drove back to the spot with a box—it was still there—and took it to the vet. They've rehomed the baby with a foster carer.

Amazon announces the Kindle Scribe: a 10.2″ e-Ink tablet with a stylus.

Tempting. This is the first large tablet that’s been available in my region without grey market importing. But I’m sure that Amazon will still manage to make it unusable outside its ecosystem.

Three-day weeks 

Who wants another one?

Reading API documentation.

Implementation must support at least up to 64 frames.
Optimize for powers of two."

OK, thanks.

One of the nice things about the Dvorak keyboard layout is that off-by-one typos are usually pronounceable.

Today I was "Humelot" instead of Deborah.


Number of times a user couldn’t set their initial password because it contained their name: 3️⃣

I means, seriously, who puts their name in their password?

Three people, apparently.

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