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Hi, I'm Deborah, I live in , Australia. I am a Gen X parent to and which I toot about liberally.

I am the sysadmin at a plastics company. You can follow the saga at (or mute if you're just here for the pets).

Interests: quilting, maps, crochet, word puzzles, board games, sf, music.

I always CW these topics: food, medical, politics, eye contact. I always provide image descriptions. White supremacists and TERFs will be blocked on sight.

Oscar is spiritually as much dog as cat. We have coined the portmanteau to capture his dual personality.

Image CW: blurry but contains dog eye contact.

I've got a series of blog posts going into the structural details of different knitting stitches. Today I posted an explanation of the structure of m1 (the increase that involves lifting and knitting the bar between two stitches on the row below.)

#knitting #FiberArts #FibreArts

Teddy is intently watching a news story about a doggo needing to be rescued off a cladding face. (The doggo is fine.)

Link: Every 80s song that used the Yamaha DX7 synth 

Having just played around with FM synthesis on my keyboard I can appreciate the assertion that FM is Hard and that the Yamaha factory sounds are already pretty damn good.

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Link: Every 80s song that used the Yamaha DX7 synth 

I knew that the Yamaha DX7 was popular in the mid 1980s but even I was amazed at how many of these hit songs used straight-up factory preset sounds from the synth.

Long before this town was a town, when our port was little more than a conveniently shaped bay, there was a legend about a pirate cat named Kaladrakan, the only survivor of a grisly shipwreck - not her crew; but one she had been cat-napped by.

They say she caused the calamity - the ship she'd called her home had always sailed true.

So be kind if you see her, a cat with black patch over one eye, to avoid your own catastrophe.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #UrbanFantasy

does anyone know websites that focussed on vegan/vego recipes that actual normal people eat? cuz whenever i do an internet search i just get a million recipes where you have to blend up 30$ worth of cashews or some other rich ppl bullshit

best one ive found so far is Veg Recipes of India

Melbourne, COVID 

Feels like the cultural boundaries of Warrigal Road and Centre Road are still with us even after the abolition of public transport zone 1.

Partner just sneezed, and then the sun came out from behind a cloud, and now I’m concerned about causality.

Lazyweb: I am looking for a list of relatively mundane objects that existed in fiction first, before being brought into corporeal existence. I'm thinking of things like the red Swingline stapler of Office Space, which wasn't sold in red until the movie created a demand for it, or the black M1A Buzz Ricksons jacket that had only existed in green before William Gibson's Pattern Recognition made it the protagonists's signature look.

"13 Reasons Why" actor Tommy Dorfman comes out as trans in an interview with novelist Torrey Peters for Time:

(I don't watch the show, had never heard of her, but it's a nice interview and it's always great to see trans journalism)

My local council has built this little parklet at the end of a dead-end street. Someone pointed out that it was all hexagons so I made a wargame map out of it.

Where did my puppy go, and why is this dog here?

Image CW: dog eye contact

Google’s video site 

God help me, I subscribed to a YouTube channel.

(It was music theory doyen Adam Neely, and I didn’t mean to watch all 27 minutes of his video about That Key Change in “All By Myself” but—here we are.)

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