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Ran a D&D session for a few co-workers ... and did not melt down πŸ₯΄ they reportedly had fun, and are interested in more sessions

[Once upon a birdsite..] 

Thinking of starting a DnD group in the office... feels like a social/anxiety stretch goal, but could be really fun

Finally setting up the cheapo 3D printer again (after 18 months) and dropped on an octopi server to make it easier to manage.. octoprint/pi is awesome! Now I just need to sort out the filament feed issues that stopped me from using the printer the 1st time..

Just hanging out with my buddy* Cal Wilson in a shoe store in Swanton St. (* ok, so I’m really leaving her be and just buy some shoes like a normal human)

this post inspired me to install's , because not only does it fuck up horrible business models - it'll improve my browsing experience better than any other ad blocker based on the info below!


this is, no joke, probably the best infographic i've seen that accurately describes the guts of the digital ad ecosystem


Confirmed as a masto problem, not just an @aussocialadmin problem (happens on other instances too). If I switch away from Safari to copy a password and/or 2fa code from another app, then the login page refreshes when I return to enter the password/code. Frustrating!

Hmmph. Trying to set up my Keybase proof, but can’t do it on the phone. The masto login page from keeps reloading when I switch apps to get my 2fa code 😑 is this an problem or a keybase app problem I wonder? @aussocialadmin

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