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What’s not to love about a testable non-local hidden-variable theory?! 😉

Watching a live-stream of a train in Norway for some quiet evening ambience

Today’s work was interrupted by some emergency couch maintenance. Need some new springs, but Ikea can only offer a whole new couch. I just need a few new $5 upholstery zig-zag springs for an ektorp, how hard could it be? Why should I dispose of a whole couch just to get a new spring? Bleh. Stupid capitalism.

COVID vaccination bureaucracy 

Oops. The booking system for MCEC is not really working… maaaassive queues, despite limited bookings? But we’re slowly churning through.

Watched “The Dead Don’t Die” last night … it’s a .. movie? Meta parody environmental capitalism commentary? It was fun though.

2nd covax done. Why do I/people post this? For me, encouraging people to get vaxxed, remembering to get vaxxed, suggesting they have a right and responsibility to get vaxxed, and that our government has failed, repeatedly, to act in the interests of all Australians.


Picked up my usual basic-as sumatriptan and filled out a Monash survey. Oh? I did not know that I may no longer need a script for these! Interesting!

Medical, health, stuff 

Yay, got a Fluvax! Employer sponsored, so making sure I boost their metrics. And it was at the 2nd closest pharmacy, which is muuuch nicer than our closest. We should probably walk the extra 75? metres, for better service and health, double benefit.

Multiple-choice poll for multiple items of a popular Danish toy for kids 4–99. Select all that apply. :boost_ok:

health, COVID, vaccination 

Friends, don’t do as I did, don’t delay getting on the blower to book your 2nd dose. 4 days is too long, and I was lucky to get a booking within the required 6 week period!

Get on the blower!

(Also, I hope they hurry up and get their online booking sorted!)

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health, COVID 

I have been vacci-, took about an hour all up at the Shed. Now to try and get through on the phone to make an appointment for the other -nated half.

health, covid, ranty 

The coronavirus vic page says to pre-register for testing, but few sites seem to use it? The Alfred does their own thing..

Self-administration of the test is weird? Like, it becomes :my: fault if the test returns a false negative, because as an untrained amateur I probably did it wrong.

Also, the Alfred test results claim ‘not detected’ (yay!) which is scientifically correct, but feels less confident than the ‘negative’ result I got in January from a drive-in testing site.

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Ok, weird. Now the location map is doing the right thing and we’re all set 👍🏻

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health, covid, ranty 

Uhoh, Tessa has a tonsillitis type flare-up, so has to get the COVID test before she can see a professional about the tonsils. Tonsils which can go bad very quickly. Plus why does it seem so hard to find a walk-in testing clinic? Stupid motor vehicle dependent testing centres.



All Hoopy Froods are compelled to carry a towel on their person for the entire day.

In loving memory of the Revered Inventor of the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster,

The same man who discovered the exact reason why nothing on Earth makes sense,

And proved beyond doubt that the world is insane,

And who revealed the Answer to the Ultimate Question, of Life, the Universe, and Everything!

Thank you, and remember:


I worked from an office for the first time in over a year. And went out to lunch at a venue with a view of a prior House of Australian Parliament, now housing the Victorian Parliament.

werk. jerbs. -ve 

Had a job interview. Pretty sure I didn’t get the position, but maybe one that suits me will turn up in a few months. Does that mean I shouldn’t apply for something else? Or maybe I should try to get a position somewhere else that expands my skills that were lacking today? Maybe I just have no idea what I’m doing? Feeling very autistic and adhd today.

electronics. the naked insides of a laptop. 

I broke it open to tinker with its ticker. Attempting to replace stock bios/firmware with coreboot...

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