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What’s not to love about a testable non-local hidden-variable theory?! 😉

I worked from an office for the first time in over a year. And went out to lunch at a venue with a view of a prior House of Australian Parliament, now housing the Victorian Parliament.

werk. jerbs. -ve 

Had a job interview. Pretty sure I didn’t get the position, but maybe one that suits me will turn up in a few months. Does that mean I shouldn’t apply for something else? Or maybe I should try to get a position somewhere else that expands my skills that were lacking today? Maybe I just have no idea what I’m doing? Feeling very autistic and adhd today.

electronics. the naked insides of a laptop. 

I broke it open to tinker with its ticker. Attempting to replace stock bios/firmware with coreboot...

Local cafe appears to be celebrating jorts today.

Hey folks, the volunteer org I am a part of is doing a survey on perceptions of migraine. Would love to get as many responses as possible (you don't need to have migraine to do it).

Erm, what was that academic peer-reviewed article site that most definitely should not be used?

food, party 

At a smol human’s birthday celebration, with all the essentials: mini party pies, mini sausage rolls, cocktail frankfurters, fairy bread, lamingtons, smarties, weak cordial, and coloured popcorn. And now, pass-the-parcel! 😊

I repeat:

WD-40 is not a lubricant.

Stop using WD-40 as a lubricant.

That is all.

Thank you.

Tried to go to a non-Bunnings hardware store. It was closed during the times they said it would be open. Off to a Bunnings it is, I guess :ohno:

I have completed code-ifying (get it, like codify, but code... ok, sorry) my knowledge of building and deploying all the parts of this service into CI/CD DevOps magic. Now I can feel no* guilt upon leaving the organisation.


Today, for some reason, I can hear my eyelids clattering open and shut when I blink.


Our intrepid party of 5 adventurers (lvl 3) took 6 rounds to defeat a goblin, which we ended up paying off to run away and never tell anyone..

[POLL, multiple options] It’s March!

Email services haven't changed much since I last self-hosted 15 years ago. Dovecot for storage/access, Exim for routing. (yes, UW IMAP and Postfix are still good alternatives)

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I need a good alternative to the just-works magic of the shared calendars, and the rest should be easy, since we don't care about anything from the suite other than mail+cal

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Huh. I've been relying on the "don't be evil" stuff since 2006. Definitely time to exit that..

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So, maybe self-host? I used to, before the g, but maybe it is more difficult now?

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Beginning the de-g00gle-ification of the family infrastructure. ‘Free’ g-suite is the biggest stumbling block. Need to move email hosting for custom domain with 4 mailboxes+calendars, plus sundry service mailboxes/aliases. Fastmail sounds good, but gets exxy fast..

Just not into it today. I’d call in temporarily dead, but someone has to face the client meetings this afternoon, and I don’t want to falsely claim to be temporarily dead (migraine) as they’re already iffy enough about these “it’s all in your head” issues.

national bananana nonsense (nbn) 

The nbn quoter thingo is back online, and tells me it will cost $9218 to upgrade my fttb to fttp. For a run of fibre from my apt to the cabinet 15m across the courtyard. Yeah there’s an NTD and likely some infrastructure in the the cabinet, but .. eesh

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