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What’s not to love about a testable non-local hidden-variable theory?! 😉

[POLL, multiple options] It’s March!

Email services haven't changed much since I last self-hosted 15 years ago. Dovecot for storage/access, Exim for routing. (yes, UW IMAP and Postfix are still good alternatives)

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I need a good alternative to the just-works magic of the shared calendars, and the rest should be easy, since we don't care about anything from the suite other than mail+cal

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Huh. I've been relying on the "don't be evil" stuff since 2006. Definitely time to exit that..

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So, maybe self-host? I used to, before the g, but maybe it is more difficult now?

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Beginning the de-g00gle-ification of the family infrastructure. ‘Free’ g-suite is the biggest stumbling block. Need to move email hosting for custom domain with 4 mailboxes+calendars, plus sundry service mailboxes/aliases. Fastmail sounds good, but gets exxy fast..

Just not into it today. I’d call in temporarily dead, but someone has to face the client meetings this afternoon, and I don’t want to falsely claim to be temporarily dead (migraine) as they’re already iffy enough about these “it’s all in your head” issues.

national bananana nonsense (nbn) 

The nbn quoter thingo is back online, and tells me it will cost $9218 to upgrade my fttb to fttp. For a run of fibre from my apt to the cabinet 15m across the courtyard. Yeah there’s an NTD and likely some infrastructure in the the cabinet, but .. eesh


Today is the day. Cable -> nbn fttb, 120/6 -> 50/20, then see if 100/40 is even achievable..

@ThermiteBeGiants Sent a friend request ... then read the bio 😳 I see much of your content boosted, so I'm going straight to the source :D

... 3 days later and un-raiding the BTRFS volume completes ... now to migrate disks around and re-raid ...

I've bought into the hype on zsh, oh-my-zsh, antigen, and tmux. It has saved me significant effort recently as a result of having the multiple tmux sessions/windows/panes and being very resilient to connection loss/restarts. dotfiles in git also adds significantly to the ease of use.

fun fact i just worked out.
the crest of milan / visconte
is a serpent eating a baby, which cobsidering this saturn in the cards from the same area and century has a dragon helping him eat a baby- might have something to do with it.

which means the alfa romeo badge has a saturn eating a baby logo on it.

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Which Matt just set up on 🤔

In line to get a rona test for the whole family, because younger human has a cold.

Burning Buried Sunshine: Human Consumption of Ancient Solar Energy

Jeffrey S. Dukes1
Climatic Change volume 61, pages 31–44 (2003)

Fossil fuels developed from ancient deposits of organic material, and thus can be thought of as a vast store of solar energy from which society meets >80% of its current energy needs. Here, using published biological, geochemical, and industrial data, I estimate the amount of photosynthetically fixed and stored carbon that was required to form the coal, oil, and gas that we are burning today. Today's average U.S. Gallon (3.8 L) of gasoline required approximately 90 metric tons of ancient plant matter as precursor material. The fossil fuels burned in 1997 were created from organic matter containing 44 × 1018 g C, which is>400 times the net primary productivity (NPP) of the planet's current biota. As stores of ancient solar energy decline, humans are likely to use an increasing share of modern solar resources. I conservatively estimate that replacing the energy humans derive from fossil fuels with energy from modern biomass would require 22% of terrestrial NPP, increasing the human appropriation of this resource by ∼50%.

Dukes's article has singlehandedly done more than any other source to shape my thinking on energy, finite resources, renewables, and the fundamental failure of economic markets to rationally price production. Largely toward pessimism.

The buried lede is that we're consuming petroleum and natural gas at 5 million times their rate of formation. In about 200 years we'll have drawn down an inheritance accumulated over 400 million years, effectively accounting for bank withdrawals based on the cost of printing cheques written against it.

As cheap energy is presumed for all economic productiion functions, and cost accounting ignores natural capital, this is a tremendous bias at the very core of all market pricing mechanisms. The system is based on a lie.

The numbers also reveal just how rocky the process of moving off fossil fuels will be, whether that's a planned sustainable migration to renewable/carbon-neutral sources or something more catastrophic. The magnitudes involved are tremendous, specific qualities of energy sources hugely significant, and glib expectations that a few windmills, solar panels, and dams scattered across the landscape will be sufficient tremendously naive. (Of other renewable options, only geothermal offers any plausible scale, much of which is already exploited. And there's the troublesome prospect of nuclear power.)

Author Vaclav Smil (see below) describes oil wells as punctiform. They are literally holes in the ground from which modern civilisation has spouted, more effectively than any djin pouring forth from a lamp. Renewable resources are (mostly) expansive: they capture or harness energy diffusely incident over vast areas, measured in watts per square meter.

The paper pairs well with deeper contexts. Ironically, petroleum apologist Daniel Yergin's The Prize (1992) does a phenomenal job of conveying just how completely transformative oil was for humanity. Vaclav Smil's Energy and Civilization (2018) quantifies the impacts and mechanisms of past energy transitions. The economic piece has yet to be written, though Herman Daly, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, Robert U. Ayres, and Steve Keen have provided significant bits. Possibly Mariana Mazzucato's work on value also.

#energy #climateChange #fossilFuels #JeffreySDukes #EnergyTransitions #Limits #LimitsToGrowth #economics

Erm. Addicted to Yubikeys ... just got two more, one as a higher tier/backup, and one to separate work from personal.

Australians: have you ever (gone to) put on an item of clothing and discovered a large spider inside it?

Pls boost for larger sample size

How weird. Going out to a gig (Irwin Thomas/Jack Jones). And on a school night. 😲😅

Took a quick trip into flinders st- I forgot how close it actually was, and I’m so not ready for it to be 33 degrees 🥵🥵

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