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What’s not to love about a testable non-local hidden-variable theory?! 😉

Oh. AussieBB changed my IPv6 prefix. Seems I was on an older /56 allocation and now have a /48. I can now have 65536 home subnets instead of merely 256 :vibing:

money and cars 

Car Next Door is really only a cars-by-the-hour thing, not a can-we-take-your-car-for-two-weeks-straight..

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money and cars 

We’re going to need to spend some time on/off in Tasmania over the next year for family reasons but don’t have a car. No one we know has a spare car, and it is estimated to cost around $4800 just to hire a car for two weeks (each time). This is 4+ months of lease payments, so now we’re looking a getting a car again.. can I justify an EV when there are only about 10 chargers listed in ChargeFox for all of Tas? Really don’t want to be buying a new petrol car at this late stage!

Cat ec, that fruit company 

Oh yeah, and the tag has my phone number on it :blobcateyes:

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Cat ec, that fruit company 

So the latest iteration of the froot fone camera system makes it stupidly easy to take amazing (in my opinion) photos.

We did a sprinter-cleaning day, with the ‘balcony’ doors open and everything. Pretty good day! Also replaced springs in the old ektorp, now we just need to find somewhere/somehow to get new cushions. (Wtf ikea, why no new cushions?!)

Thanks to Microsoft’s Windows 11 approach, this year is now the year of on (my) .. given my preference is for pure Debian or maybe Arch, what window manager/etc stuffs do people recommend? I’ve really only run Linux as primarily command-line/servers, not a dedicated daily driver.

Oops. Read some on the :birdsite: and had to spend an hour browsing through r/eyebleach as therapy.

firvolous money nonsense 

I may have fallen down the ergonomic mechanical keeb hole..

Adulting, finances 

Tax return: lodged :blobcatdance:

Nerd fail 

Oops. Time for a firmware upgrade on the router ... but I didn't record the root password in my password DB or use my existing ssh cert(s).

But the family is not very tolerant of internet or wifi outages 😅

Watching a live-stream of a train in Norway for some quiet evening ambience

Today’s work was interrupted by some emergency couch maintenance. Need some new springs, but Ikea can only offer a whole new couch. I just need a few new $5 upholstery zig-zag springs for an ektorp, how hard could it be? Why should I dispose of a whole couch just to get a new spring? Bleh. Stupid capitalism.

COVID vaccination bureaucracy 

Oops. The booking system for MCEC is not really working… maaaassive queues, despite limited bookings? But we’re slowly churning through.

Watched “The Dead Don’t Die” last night … it’s a .. movie? Meta parody environmental capitalism commentary? It was fun though.

2nd covax done. Why do I/people post this? For me, encouraging people to get vaxxed, remembering to get vaxxed, suggesting they have a right and responsibility to get vaxxed, and that our government has failed, repeatedly, to act in the interests of all Australians.


Picked up my usual basic-as sumatriptan and filled out a Monash survey. Oh? I did not know that I may no longer need a script for these! Interesting!

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