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What’s not to love about a testable non-local hidden-variable theory?! 😉

During our :democracysausage: run this morning, there was a bit of a queue for the polling, so in-queue delivery service of sausage-in-bread was provided, with the usual sauce/onion customisations offered. Quite excellent indeed!

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

Blatant self promotion of my work 

So I make this thing called Exist. It's for personal tracking, so you can sync all your data in from activity trackers like Google Fit and Apple Health, plus productivity and social media and weather etc etc, to get trends and insights and most importantly to find correlations between stuff. Like "what do I do more on a day when my mood is higher?"

Anyway, today we released a big update where you can manually create and track any number you like, so you can track things like health symptoms and subjective measures (but anything really) as a number and we can use that analysis on it just the same as the "official" stuff we already support. It was a lot of work and I think it's gonna be really useful to folks. We already have people using it for chronic health and mental health tracking, among other things, who have uncovered useful patterns.

If you're interested it's at

(Sorry again for the self-promotion of a filthy capitalist endeavour.)

*grumbles in admin* I dun wanna and never will read your damn dms.

@misty @futzle I've been scratching my head about the way to phrase this and generally came up with..

Admins can't see DMs in the app... if requires going out of my way to log into the DB and do extra work to do it (I never need to log into the box), but there is no native out of the box way to see DMs in the webapp.

and they are best to be considered restricted, not private...

until the crypto is added in a few months, and then we can say your privacy is "secured".

A reminder for the new folks: Mastodon instances are all run out of pocket by someone, so take a look at the About page and there's often a link to a Patreon or equivalent there. Even just a couple of dollars a month is good, spread across enough users it can completely cover the hosting costs.

Though in the case of, @aussocialadmin still hasn't added it there, only on the actual admin profile, so I'll save you the trouble and point you at 😛

Creepy medical imaging 

Follow-up report confirms (unsurprisingly) migrainous malformations identified. No other anomalies found though, which is very good news.

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Creepy medical imaging 

I had a MRI to find out what my cold porridge looks like.

Obligatory work office photo 

The work office view is not terrible I guess?

‘Hacking’ the hardware 

That will teach me to flash a new coreboot bios on a live system! Eh, not really, it just means my mucking around is done for tonight or whenever I can be bothered finding the soic clip and a raspi. Still can’t work out how to enable secure boot n tianocore, can’t even install PK/KEK/db.

Money, and other nonsense 

So, need about $2.5m for 10yr lease, $5m for fitout, $5m for staff over 10yr, various registrations/insurance/utilities/etc, plus some contingency .. maybe more like a $20m project cost. Now to look at what incoming might look like to see if it could be a net zero venture at least..

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Money, and other nonsense 

Like, surely I can kickstart this nonsense? Would maybe 9 founders buy in for $100k, another up to 49 buy in for $30-50k, maybe a few hundred more in the $1k range, and maybe a bunch more ‘chump’ change? For a 5-10yr endeavour that could maybe awesome and (currently) unique in Aus/World? My brain is going to hyper focus on this for a while until I either make it happen or work out why it is impossible.

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Money, and other nonsense 

Ok, we’ve spent about 4 hours tonight theory crafting a thing that could be amazing, and I need someone to talk me down from the ledge of applying for a 3-4mil loan and agreeing to a $250k pa 5-10yr lease of a 5 storey building close to the city. We must be missing something obvious or someone else would have done it already.. perhaps because I don’t expect to make a profit? Breaking even is fine, and not-for-profit is the actual goal for long-term operations. It is possible I have watched too much Inventing Anna?

Google, FastMail 

In some good news, I finally had the convergence of spoons and opportunity to migrate our family mail off Google stuff. I was going to set up self-hosting with all the nice open-source stuff, but was concerned about various blocks on SMTP from home networks, having to manage it, etc. so FastMail has the gig for at least the next 3 years. They use mostly the same open-source stuff, contribute to its development, appear to have the right privacy and security practices in place, and as a bonus integrates better with iOS calendar/contacts.

Hate watching 

We hate watched Don’t Look Up. It was even worse than we expected. Production quality was very high, and the acting was excellent, along with the visual effects, etc.

(Probable unoriginal) thought of the day: BrightKite, 4Square, etc were 10 years too early, revealing the folly of surveillance capitalism well ahead of when it could have perhaps been seen as a persistent and valuable feature. Thankfully.

Eating my body mass in dark chocolate coated coffee beans, just to stay vaguely coherent. Tuesdays are the worst.

Go to a movie in the city on xmas night, it’ll be quiet. I said.

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