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Mental Health 

Stuff known about my brain:
Cluster Headaches
Prosopagnosia (face blindness)
INTP (ok, not a real thing)

Stuff suspected about my brain:
Conversion Disorder
Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder

Writing it down, it doesn’t look like so much.

I believe in free open source software and open hardware, it offers me hope for the future, perhaps even post-apocalyptic. But, dammit, I am so damned tired of shaving these yaks!

Went in to the office, for the last time (specifically, this office is closing), well hopefully forever. I guess I’m ok with going to an office once a month or so. Also, I had left way more junk at the office than I remembered...

Oh. The yubikey only stores 32 TOTP secrets.. I guess I store the high value ones there and the rest in 1Password/Keepass.

a bit auspol 

Huh. NASA’s budget is only around AU$35b .. we could afford that if we cut β€˜savings’ for the rich end of town and fossil fuel companies .. and still have buckets to spare for all the societal good we actually need.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of β€œlost-algia”.. nostalgia but for I don’t know what? Or maybe nostalgia for something I don’t remember or never had? Likely a weird offshoot of my depression and is very frustrating yet hopeful? Okonono

I am newly reminded that I'm sad that modern English has largely eliminated six of its nine major prepositional locative adverbs. Each had a prefix indicating the place and a suffix indicating the direction:

h-: "this place"
th-: "that place"
wh-: "what place?"
-ere: "in such a place"
-ence: "from such a place"
-ither: "to such a place"

The surviving forms, of course, are "here" ("in this place"), "there" ("in that place"), and "where" ("in what place?"). But we used to have

hence: "from this place"
hither: "to this place"
thence: "from that place"
thither: "to that place"
whence: "from what place?"
whither: "to what place?"

and I think our language is poorer for their elimination.

LPT: name a room in your house β€œAziz” so voice assistants can turn the lights on/off when you shout β€œAziz! Light!” at them..

The only aspect I’ve been missing from the office are the views across the river/city where is stare while thinking, resting my eyes. As a result I have an eye-strain migraine today from not resting my eyes enough. It took 3 weeks to get to this stage, with the last 10 days of 16+ hrs monitor+laptop daily. Not too bad, probably only minor life adjustment required.

Forgetting to hit β€˜save’ before β€˜deploy’ a lot today 🀨 if I had CI/CD I’d be sitting around wondering why is hasn’t gone live ... like I have been anyway πŸ€ͺ

programming nonsense 

argh node.js and express and the weird function callback loopiness is breaking my brain. all the parameter sets are called the same things, so which parameter set/function/callback is this referring to??!! arrgghhhhh 🧠πŸ’₯

LudoCherry: Stylish tabletop shirts and skirts

A friend of mine from Melbourne launched her Kickstarter this morning. It's for a range of cool tabletop game themed clothes. The polka dots have d20s in them, and the skirts have pockets. Go take a look! I'm off to back it for a shirt…

(Boosts welcome)

It feels like I’m getting a reputation at work, as one of the β€˜difficult’ employees.. you know, expecting others to do their jobs properly, with attention to the details.

What we intended to do: Yarra Valley Icecream Festival. What we’re doing: parked on the side of the Eastern Freeway, thanks to an overheating car πŸ˜…

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