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LudoCherry: Stylish tabletop shirts and skirts

A friend of mine from Melbourne launched her Kickstarter this morning. It's for a range of cool tabletop game themed clothes. The polka dots have d20s in them, and the skirts have pockets. Go take a look! I'm off to back it for a shirt…

(Boosts welcome)

It feels like I’m getting a reputation at work, as one of the β€˜difficult’ employees.. you know, expecting others to do their jobs properly, with attention to the details.

What we intended to do: Yarra Valley Icecream Festival. What we’re doing: parked on the side of the Eastern Freeway, thanks to an overheating car πŸ˜…

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It's amazing how some people can make things look complicated that aren't. My former employ used Redis, and the whole thing looked like a Black Art. Now looking at it myself, and I'm like "is that IT?"

Now trying to find something I can use it for.

If your executives inform you that they find it outrageous that 40% of all sick days taken by employees happen to fall on a Monday or a Friday...

...and the silence that ensues when you point out that Mondays and Fridays simply account for 40% of all workdays πŸ˜‚

Got a new pm2.5 air quality measurement gadget: outside is reportedly 50, inside the office is 16 πŸ‘πŸ»

Ahh phooey, forgot about the tram strike today when I booked and X-ray/ultrasound at the other end of Collins St.. πŸ˜‚

human biology 

Spent the day querying Azure AD with PowerBI Desktop and joining some large datasets .. should have just used PowerShell πŸ₯΄

Ok, weird, does not appear to resolve through properly for me today. Have to use different DNS servers to connect and post this.. @aussocialadmin

Sustainability isn't the better option, it's not the better choice.

It is the only thing to do that is not self-destruction. That is, by definition, what it is.

It's not a flavor to be added onto products like "spicy," "sour," "glittery," "country-pop," or something.

It is a criteria actions must meet to not be exploitative. If actions are not sustainable, they are hurting someone, either right now or in the near future.

If you have a 3D printer and can solder stuff, this is a 3D printed air purifier pattern that needs some testing and feedback

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