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Relevant quote:
"For example: streaming a music album over the internet 27 times can use more energy than the manufacturing and transportation of its CD equivalent."

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FourPlay website with tour dates and purchase links and all that:

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I play in too many (not enough?) bands, but when it comes down to it, this one's the original.
Here's the very moody video for FourPlay String Quartet's new single "Wish", about finding hope in a climate-changed world.
We're on tour in the next couple of weeks - Camberra, Melbourne, Sydney Nambour, Brunswick Heads and Brisbane!

Still hard to believe that the Headless Chickens existed. Especially that Body Blow era which combined raucous industrial rock with electronic pop.

I realised the other day that Editions Mego seem to have stopped releasing CDs, and it made me pretty sad. Their original (pre-Editions) CD designs were beautiful, and their music always suited the CD medium so well. It still does. Oh well, This is the right me. For now.

Two new raven tracks on this new split cassette from Tandem Tapes! Dark and slow-moving: one tracked in Ableton based around a loping beat and meandering piano, the other freer, with processed buzzing amp noise slowly giving way to acoustic piano and cello.
Lovely drone piece from my friend Talbert Anthony on the flipside.


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