Particularly chuffed about today's bread baking results. These are 75% hydration pain de campagne using recipe from Kevin Forkish FWSY

Personal challenge: Try not to get out of PJs for entire 5 day Melb lockdown. Progress so far: winning

Went to a US inauguration cocktail party last night. A small bit perfectly formed group of covid safe happy people and many very excellent themed drinkies. My fave was the Im-Peach-Mint and yes I did have two of them

Hi Aus.Social, I've been mostly lurking at after setting up an account our of curiosity just to see what mastodon is all about. Recent news & events has made the idea of decentralised social networks more important, so I thought I'd test the water here at Aus.Social and see how things go in a more geographically relevant context


Welcome to thundertoot! A Mastodon Instance for 'straya