Really goddamn struggling to stay on task today, just cannot concentrate. Hate days like this.

"The CD-ROM format is so incredibly unreliable that all of the layers of error corrections require 2.33 GB to encode 650 MB of usable data."

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

Just in case you needed reminding, Blur's the Great Escape is still a fucking banger of an album.

It's 24 goddamn years old.

WFH; NBN install appointment today. Pray for me in this, my hour of need.

I’ve been a Uniti Wireless customer for years, and it’s mostly been pretty good, but it recently had a fault where packet loss spiked to 7-10%, and my previously 10Mb/sec upload speed dropped to 0.1Mb/sec, making in basically unusable. They handled it really badly, took a long time to work on it, poor communication, and in the end they just threw their hands up and said “so sorry, can’t fix it.” WTF. Very disappointing.

"The reason why so many grown ass men hate Greta Thunberg is because she represents everything they hate listening to; women, children, people with disabilities, science, and just people who are smarter than them in general"

(the author of this was harassed off twitter so let this stand here)

First day of weekend on-call for new job, done. Come at me, beers.

I really, strongly wish Mastodon would make a feature out of pinning your latest reading position in timelines, and allowing that to sync that between clients and the web UI. I have three devices and the fact that none of them know what I’ve already read honestly stinks.

Mastodon has no financial incentive to always show you the absolute latest posts to make room for ads, nor for an algorithmic timeline, so we should dream better!

right after i joined mastodon i saw a post (idr who it was from) that said smthn like "it's really painful how things like art and dancing are considered something you have to be good at instead of things that all humans do, as naturally as eating or breathing" and i think about that all the time. the things that we naturally do have been commodified and portrayed as somethint to struggle for, as things that only The Best are allowed to do. when without that pressure, we would all just do them??

I hope it turns out that the Matrix 4 reveals that the John Wick universe is just another Matrix simulation and they reboot it so Keanu gets his dog back and everyone lives happily ever after.

Happy first birthday Aus.Social! :blobcatrainbow:

I'll be launching a PixelFed (Instagramish) to Celebrate! 🎉

Lastly... if you feel the urge to support us and our community, Please feel free to throw me a dollar at :annoyingdog:

Hey all. I'm loving hanging out in this space. And tbh not flush with cash. But I worked out I could afford a couple of $ per month (literally $2) to go towards's running costs. ATM they are getting $21 per month with 10 patrons. If 15 more of us pledge two bucks each, we can cover the running costs with a teeny bit extra. But, even $1 per month will help! Or less if you can't afford that.


In our universe, England is named after a Germanic tribe called the Angles. The language of England is called English and speakers of this language are called Anglophones.

In another universe, Sexland is named after a Germanic tribe called the Saxons. The language of Sexland is called Sexish and speakers of this language are called Saxophones.

God I’m tired. Been on the go for 26 hours. Did get a few hours of sleep on the plane, so that’s good. Need to stay awake so I don’t completely screw up my sleep pattern.

Don’t mind me, just casually driving on 14-lane freeways in LA. No biggie.


🛬LAX. First impression: holy shit chaotic. Customs & Immigration was pretty smooth though.

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