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How unexpected, the National Archives of Australia website is struggling under high load, on the morning where they release a large packet of data that the entire country has been interested in for literally decades. I mean, who could have predicted this, it's a mysteryyyyyy

Recent Media I've Consumed.

_Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga_. Fun, very silly. Some terrible nordic accents. Lots of Eurovision easter eggs to enjoy (I'm sure I missed 90% of them). Ferrell is Ferrell. McAdams is super committed. Some genuinely great songs. ⭐⭐⭐½.

_Diagnosis_: Like a really slow episode of House, with less stupid drama. Quite interesting. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

_Moana_: Far better than Frozen (fight me). Watching it with my youngest daughter gave me the feels. Love it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐½.

Reminder that Green Day’s Dookie is still a FUCKING BANGER of an album from start to finish, 26 years later.

New mate (fellow school parent) has the classic older dude Facebook account.

✅ Single profile picture, never updated
✅ No posts, no comments
✅ Only content is yearly “happy birthday!” posts from people and an occasional tag from the wife, usually on anniversary photos

It’s quality.

The thing that gets me about this whole Elon & Grimes stupid kid "name" saga is, after all that bullshit, he's still just..."Kyle". Kyle! I mean, this isn't a Moon Rocket River Child Musk situation. All that effort for...Kyle. Dayum.

I fucking hate making biscuits.

“Let’s make some biscuits for Mum!” Great idea kids. I know, let’s make a double batch for Mum!

Then some idiot (me) misread “1/2” a cup of flours as “1 1/2” cups, then doubled it.

So now we’re making a 6x batch! Yay me, I get to cream 750g of butter & sugar!

Just finished Journey on PS4. Loved it. Short, beautiful, affecting. Wish more games had this kind of emotional impact.

Thankfully not quite as much of a kick in the guts as the end of Valiant Hearts though. Man, that game.

Morning masto mateys. It's day...who the fuck knows of work from home, and I'm losing my mind a little bit. I think I might have to chuck a sickie tomorrow to have a bit of a mental health day.

Anyone have any recommendations for good 2-player board games?

I’ve never had chooks this friendly, they’re lovely :) Here’s Eddie & Patsy coming up to say hi while my wife and I were having coffee in the backyard. Then Patsy got a little bit too keen on pecking the funny thing I was holding in my hand 😂

Did my first ever Bollards ride this morning - 400m ascent over 8.5km, following the South-Eastern Freeway out of Adelaide ( Took me 1h28m.

Bloody loved it. Farking tough work going up, and I was super slow, but I did not let that hill defeat me. The ride back down was utterly goddamn glorious. One of the best things I've ever done.

It's weird. My old boss, who was absolutely useless to me while I was at that job - no support, left a ton of things for me to do that he could/should have helped with, probably doubled my workload and contributed to me leaving that job - is suddenly super active on Facebook with support, encouragement, tips, etc.

Difficult to reconcile the useless bloke I worked for with the really helpful, socially-aware dude on Facebook right now.

Australian government asks Netflix and Stan to reduce data to avoid broadband overload

With many people working from home during coronavirus crisis minister says network needs to be freed up from data heavy services.

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Hahahahaha, Potato Dutton has caught COVID-19 :)

It's official. My employer (a global tech company) has told everyone who is able to work from home to do so, for 2 weeks starting COB today.

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