Mask compliance is quite good actually, I can see one woman wearing a mouth diaper, every other adult is doing the right thing

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Sitting outside at vacswim, masked up, in 34°. Getting a really good lip sweat going. Yummmmmm

Which is the best of the Harry Potter films, and why is it Prisoner of Azkaban?

Well it has been a tough day at the Sysadmin mines today, slogging through figuring out what parts of our stack are vulnerable to this goddamn log4j vulnerability.

A pox on programmers. All of us.

Significant white-space can eat a thousand dicks too. YAML, Python, I'm looking at you. Garbage.

All I'm saying is that if I had a time machine I'd use it to make sure JSON accepted a comma after the last pair in an object literal.

Project Sphinx: the Soviet Union’s attempt to change the computer forever

SPHINX was conceived in 1986 by designer and engineer, Dmitry Azrikan, at the VNIITE Design Institute in Saint Petersburg and commissioned by the State Council For Science and Technology. It wasn’t just intended to be a computer but a complex system for home automation, digital entertaining, communication, telecommuting, and even telemedicine.


Tess typed the words "I simply carrot bear this anymore" to me, so I turned it into a depressed root vegetable painting #BrynnDraws #Cursed #Art

Someone at work referred to NFTs as "Non-Flushable Turds", and it's pretty much perfect. That's what NFTs are now. Giant pieces of shit that just won't go away.

My wife just accidentally called the famous author “Agatha Twisty”, and honestly, that’s kinda perfect

Y'all, I have received a paper-in-the-letterbox invitation to join my suburb's Nextdoor group. Should I join?

Woo, just caught my first antivaxxer on my FB feed. Wife’s cousin has linked to a Pauline fuckin Hanson petition and used phrases like “medical apartheid” and “land of the free”. Fuckin dickheads.

Sometimes I think he does these sleeping poses on purpose.

Here’s my rescue boy Archie looking particularly adorable last night, sleeping on his little paw. He’s a big dumb idiot and I love him.

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