quoting from arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/1

> The iPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch display—the same size as the iPhone 11—but the body is 15 percent smaller, 11 percent thinner, and 16 percent lighter than last year's iPhone 11.

Fuck off. iPhones are small enough already. Give me 15% more battery, 11% more battery, and 16% more fucking battery.

I want a service like Shazam, but for random classical music tunes that get stuck in my head.

So, like, I submit a voice recording of me whistling or humming the little snippet of a melody that has been rattling around in my head for the last few days, and some clever person or piece of software analyses it and tells me "Oh, that's the middle movement of Beethoven's 8th".

I mean, it basically always comes down to "that's from The Nutcracker Suite", but yeah.

Why am I not surprised that Bill Belichick can't wear a facemask properly

what people think programming is: beep boop i do precise calculations using the power of brain science

what programming actually is: somebody asked me to do something stupid so now i have to think of the smartest way to do the stupid thing that wont get me fired

auspol, nswpol 

Gladys Berejiklian: overly harsh border controls are a cynical political act, an imposition on human freedom, just being used to win an election

Everyone in the Commonwealth Government considering the last twenty years of Australian politics:

A Haiku:

"How about we let
Twelve people own everything?"
- Capitalism

Ask me how productive I've been today, mates.

FUCKING ZERO. I've tweaked some words in a style guide, and reflected those changes in a presentation I'm going to be giving about it. And...nothing else. Ugh. So behind.

@Tarale hey, you OK? You’re normally tooting quite a bit and I haven’t heard from you in a while.

Saw a flyer for a PhD study about the effect of yoga on depression & anxiety. Considering signing up purely because the line drawing of the person doing yoga isn't some stick figure in tight pants and a sports bra, but is actually a reasonably hefty individual. As a fat bloke, it made me feel genuinely included.

In the end I probably won't because, while I have suffered from depression in the past, I'm actually doing pretty well at the moment, so I'm probably not suitable.

One of our top search results for August was Designing bsd rootkits which at first glance seems rather NSFW. (Turns out to be something to do with programming)

Woohoo, new keyboard has arrived! Keychron K1, red switches. First mechanical keyboard I've ever owned. Getting used to it now.

Mastodon, after a discussion in bed this morning with the lovely Mrs. Fortescue about sexism and female digital assistants, we both switched Siri over to the male voice. It still feels unexpected every time so far.

Really wish I'd got my shit together and organised myself properly to attend :(

I know it's super clichéd, but I'm really enjoying listening to this playlist while I'm working: Lofi hip hop music - beats to relax/study to open.spotify.com/playlist/0vvX

Should I upgrade my iPhone and/or iPad to the iOS 14 public beta?

Untitled Goose Game is adding a goose. This is the news we need in these times. youtu.be/YRcGyzhT24g

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