New to Mastodon, definitely new to My name is Felicia, and this is my ! 😎

My day job is Public Relations for video games (indie and AAA). My side hobbies include making games of all types, playing banjo, tabletop games, and conlangs.

Interested in all types of topics, always happy to learn more. (Always always happy for more tabletop games.)

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@feztivus Hi Felicia, welcome to the clan! Hope you find this community to be the Right Place for you!

@feztivus There is this, and a couple of adjacent instances, and that I have found to be very welcoming, and supportive. I don't have to watch what I say, and I feel absolutely SAFE.

I say this as a Twitter veteran with a formerly very active account. Things got a bit much so I retreated partly to my locked account, mostly to here.

@feztivus Hey, welcome to our little corner of the internets!

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