wooden router/extender
don't know why I like to work in wood so much, gives a nice feel, a little less dead than plastic perhaps,,

sadly gone to god now, used this box for so many years, RIP

canvas sewing
400 gsm Vinyl(Charcoal) from HVG Group, I'm using it here to make a cover for a sofa about 3m x 4m, view of rear vent, thread is a tex 270 from Coats UVR dyed in the mix, 4 stitches to the inch on Seiko LSW 8BL TA
It has a bit of stretch this Vinyl, I recon you could make jeans from it, they have some totally weird colours,

dread opening my email everyday,, never know what horror awaits, no putting it off doesn't make it any better

Bruce Lee is so Jacky Chan, must watch enter the dragon again, I think sbs has it streaming

I think it's BS that the new govt won't scrap the new points system, saying they can't change it, it's a couple of keystrokes for goodness sake, probably just one click of a mouse(in some govt dept) to stop the roll out, it's not a "we can't" it's a "we won't" fix it response,
they seem to be picking and choosing a bit which hills they want to die on,

was on the phone yesterday talking to old mate, we were discussing a bash script from years ago, he would quote a line number and then qualify it with a version number, I found that very cute,

was the most fun conversation I've had in a while, was surprised I managed to keep up,

wish I could get motivated to do more, so many side issues haunt us, diverting from what we could be,

survival is a bitch some days, but it's better than the alternative

we don't have an energy crisis, we have an oligarch crisis

we should free Julian Assange and lock up rupert murdoch

I recently went for a couple of jobs back doing nbn shit, was offered one of the jobs (field tech) but when they sent through the mountain of paperwork to "onboard" I couldn't accept it, too many memories of pointless rubbish done in the name of "box ticking" and for no other reason, I suppose normal people would have just swallowed all logic to get the wage, I can't do it anymore

can't get moving today, feel like I'm stuck somewhere between ennui and will, ennui seems to be winning,

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