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Just got my therapist to refer to my ADHD burnout as bimboification

I just need someone to know.


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Some polls because I'm curious, boosts welcome 

Are you new here?

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Hey folks I regret to inform you that tomorrow is, in fact, another day. We are aware of the issue and are trying to resolve it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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what if we kissed 🥺😩 while trying to figure out the mastodon tl together 😆😂 haha... unless? 🥰

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Really, this is common abusive tactics. Anyone calling out harmful behavior is also labeled as toxic or abusive for making it public. This is where the idea of “cancel culture” comes from. Abusers hate it when you point out the abuse publicly. They hate it when you don’t tolerate it.

I’m never going to tolerate it, so of course I make enemies of abusive people. And tbh, I’m fine with that.

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Apparently calling toxic people toxic is “abuse”. Sorry, but banning someone for dissenting and correcting your misinformation is more abusive than being called toxic for it.

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Why did it take me this long to listen to Coconut Oil by Lizzo? What in the heck is wrong with me

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@themmefatale I'm delighted and impressed at your efforts trying to evangelise mastodon to Insta folks!
I've tried to do similarly in the past, but my approach wasn't particularly fruitful.
You've managed to convince a bunch of my friends to create accounts; awesome work! 💜

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A conversation that plays out frustratingly often in theatre 

queer and/or non-white actor/creative: "This part of the script/portrayal about a part of my identity is unhelpful/inauthentic/awkward/offensive in these ways. Can we please change or remove it?"

white cis director/playwright: "Hmm, interesting point. But actually changing that doesn't fit my ✨creative vision✨."
*Proceeds to change nothing, while patting themself on the back for being so inclusive*

My cat has exactly zero interest in our Christmas tree.
Is something wrong, should I check the owners manual? 🤔

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care instructions for femme fashion:

• this care instructions tag is load-bearing and must not be removed
• even if it's poking you
• especially if it's poking you

• no end user serviceable fabrics inside
• or outside
• even reading the rest of this tag voids the warranty and puts you on a watch list
• but if you must:

• wash with like colors only
• we know there are no like colors in your wardrobe, because you picked this as a unique accent piece
• in fact, we have added color blocks and/or print panels, so that it can't even be washed with *itself*
• why yes, we are proud of ourselves

• turn inside out before washing
• both yourself and the garment, if you can manage

• do not dry clean
• do not machine wash
• hand wash cold
• cold. we said *cold*. way colder than that. go empty out your icemaker.

• no soap
• no detergent
• no bleach
• no ionizing radiation
• no non-ionizing radiation
• no harsh language

• line dry
• clothesline and backyard and sun absolutely not included
• you live in an "apartment"? what's that?

• if damaged, this garment cannot be replaced, or even approximated, because:
• it's no longer made
• the entire style is passé
• the vendor went out of business
• the manufacturer went out of business
• the animals, vegetables, and/or minerals we made the fabrics from are extinct, depleted, and/or illegal
• also you don't remember where you got it in the first place

• instruction codes for laundry service follow:
• 𐘐 𐘑 𐘒 𐙓 𐘵 𐘶 𐘷 𐘸 𐘰

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eve was a girlboss for eating that fruit. adam was a himbo for doing what his wife said. i will not elaborate

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Australians: have you ever (gone to) put on an item of clothing and discovered a large spider inside it?

Pls boost for larger sample size

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Ask your cat for present advise, they know best. And you can never have enough cats, right?

(Also maybe I should make a new pinned/introduction post. Something like this: I only draw the same two character over and over again. Also sometimes Pokemon. OK, thanks bye).

#mastoArt #art #krita #cat #revueStarlight #MayaKuro

Latest update in my planetbase adventures
(Aka screaming at my colonists part 238)
One of my engineers decided to build the two connections between buildings, as requested.
However they built the connections in an order which meant they got trapped between said connectors, between new and old buildings and was essentially going to starve to death. I then had to recycle the whole thing and my colonists started starving as a result.
Why is the AI so infuriating in this game!!

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Random #German lesson of today: The German word for "Stocking" is "Strumpf". It's pronounced "Shtrmpf". Just forget about the vowel. It will only hinder you at peak German.
(Ping @Algot )

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