Hey! I'm Merryn. I'm based in Melbourne and currently studying a Bachelor of Philosophy. I am an activist, muso, actor, writer, gamer, queer and I love my cat ( a sassy Tortie). Would love to chat with folks! (Especially interested in any Melbourne based bands looking for singers... 👀)

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@existentialegg Hey, welcome to our little corner of the internet! 👋🏻

@virtualwolf thank you! I'm a total newbie but Mastodon seems very cool so far

@existentialegg It's not without its problems but I much prefer it to Twitter (that may be because I'm not a PoC however). Go hog-wild with following interesting people, and unfollow them if they end up annoying. :) The local timeline is good, the federated one is a bit of a firehose and also trainwreck though.

Welcome to COSO! 💜 You’ll find lots of cat lovers here who post regularly using #catsofcoso

Here’s a link to the user’s guide to help you navigate the platform. Let us know if you have any questions

@existentialegg howdy! It’s great to see more Melbourne folks here on the Fediverse, we’ve got a good little community going on here

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