Hey Everyone! I'm new to the platform and haven't ever really done social media in the past either. I'm currently getting my PhD in Physics and have yet to find a subject of study that doesn't have some fascinating aspect about it (hence my username) I learn everything I possibly can and find everything intriguing! A decentralized media platform is super cool and I wanted to see how the environment differs from what I have seen twitter to be like..

@erudite_scholar Hello! I'm Joe :) Which field of physics are you looking at for your PhD? I once spoke to a fella forming Bose–Einstein condensate in Melbourne about 15 years ago. Blew my mind!

@joe Hey Joe, I'm focusing in molecular physics, specifically in photodissociative effects of high energy light!

@eclectic_scholar oooh very interesting... It's amazing how things behave at high energy.

Welcome! It's really great here in the Fediverse. We usually don't devolve into what Twitter has become and you'll find out some really cool stuff from time to time.

@erudite_scholar To anyone reading this, I made a new account to reflect the new name, so @eclectic_scholar is my new handle! I actually meant for this one originally but my brain autotyped the other because I was between the two! I'll be deleting the former in a few days to avoid confusion

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