I'm 42, married with one child. I'm doing a PhD in soil microbiology at Melbourne Uni. Trying to teach myself something about linux shell for the purposes of bioinformatics (using QIIME 2) at the moment.

Interested in environmentalism and politics.

I like the idea of an open source alternative to twitter.

@ericireland Welcome mate :) I'm 42, 3 kids, a Linux sysadmin from Adelaide. Feel free to hit me up with shell questions and I'll see if I can answer :)

@ericireland sing out if you get stuck with Linux, and good luck with your PhD

Follow suggestion: @emmadavidson - recently elected Greens Party member in Canberra

@ericireland Hi! I'm nearly 42, recently re-entered civil engineer in water industry. I ride bikes, repair things, and try to have fun.

@TechnicalKO Hi! I ride a bike too, but not as often as I used to. I’ll get back into it this year (new year’s resolution yet to be enacted)

@TechnicalKO @ericireland *tries to remember what being 42 was like* Actually, that was 11 years ago, which coincides with early chronic health shit, so hello from 53, finally found balance between the 3 major OS's, I need pickled fish, and my feet hurt.

Srsly, I've been working with various flavours of UN*X since *counts* 1986, so more than happy to answer any questions that I can.

@TechnicalKO @ericireland Can't get tommies OR mullet right now. I have some frozen (picking substitution c/o Woolies) basa - Vietnamese fish, fatty, gonna give it a go.

@grumpysmiffy @TechnicalKO thanks! I like pickled fish. I even like that stuff they sell in ikea but still getting used to 🍣. Hope the pain subsided.

@ericireland @TechnicalKO I'll be trying this tomorrow! Pain flare-up was just that, thankfully. Wine and tramadol (which I think you're not supposed to mix) got me through the night. But any time for UNIX stuff.

@defrisselle I'm using EndeavourOS (Arch linux) on a laptop, also have another mac laptop, and I've got a cloud instance running Ubuntu. It came as a shock to realise I have to type stuff into the command line just to use a usb stick on the laptop but I suppose by encountering these problems I'll learn stuff!

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