I went to the shops and got a haircut today. Most people weren't scanning in and there's no one checking whether people are vaccinated. So much for the "vaccinated economy".

I really hope Victorian state gov haven't made a terrible mistake and opened up too soon.

The Australian Government: No Nuclear-Submarines; End U​.​S. dominance; Healthcare not warfare - Sign the Petition! chng.it/fXZx7vdy

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I usually take vitamin D supplements but as of three months ago I forgot.

Felt gloomy.

Then I remembered last week and started taking them again.

Now I feel great.

I highly, highly recommend people try vitamin D. You are most likely deficient. Almost everyone is.

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@yogthos nice!

Have a look at the curated #OpenScience list, that was recently extensively updated by @VictorVenema

Making a call to all #Fediverse to suggest more great open #science and #OpenData resources, so we can make the list more #delightful and help promote the field even further.

Add your issue or PR to the repository at:


The delightful list is also available as web page via @yarmo delightful club:


Sharing appreciated 🙏

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ROFL I just started listening in to the voice chat on Melbourne Freedom Rally Telegram. They're discussing whether the Jews are responsible for the earthquake. No joke!

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Excellent graphic in De Volkskrant today. Who infects who? The top labels are Source, with unvaccinated on the left and vaccinated on the right, the side labels are Recipient, with vaccinated on top and unvaccinated on bottom.

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Another lost treasure of the internet is the sci.electronics.repair FAQ.


Just look at this goddamn thing. Thousands and thousands of words, chock-full of battle tested wisdom, enough to help anyone with some motivation solve their problems. Zero monetization, zero bullshit. What ever happened to that Internet? I sure do miss it.

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Back in July, Taiwan had a small outbreak of Delta. This article tells how they contained it & also highlights some deficiencies in the govt's handling of the situation.


Speed, decisiveness, cooperation: how a tiny Taiwan village overcame Delta


#Covid #Covid19 #Taiwan

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Elon Musk is a twat, libertarians don't interact 

Elon Musk claims he's self-made but if you look at his claimed history, none of it makes sense without his rich family bankrolling him.

May we add, his family got wealthy on the backs of Apartheid. His father owned an emerald mine in South Africa.

He's lied about "founding" both Tesla and PayPal (neither of which he actually founded). There is no reason to believe his story about being self-made is at all true.

— Elly

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