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We had a European wasps' nest in our yard, under a concrete slab! I was going to put a tube down then and pump a can of spray in but I didn't want to poison the soil. Found a better way!

Get some cat food, put a drop of fipronil (the stuff you put on cats and dogs to kill fleas) in the cat food and put the can in a yogurt container with holes in the side and hang it from a tree. N.B. it seems wasps only like cheap smelly cat food, not the fancy stuff!

More info here:

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So my wife's 2yo might have ADD.
Does anyone have links to information on how I can make the kid's life easier?
(Diagnosing information is not what I'm asking for, I leave that to the other parents)

Boosts appreciated.

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The big day is here! Today, nuclear weapons become illegal under international law. Join the celebrations all around the world using and watch our live event at 9PM CET:

avaaz petition 

Call for President Joe Biden to reverse the decision to designate Northern Yemen's rebel gov a terrorist organisation and save lives:

Just came into the office at uni for the first time since March! Turned on computer... still waiting for windows to boot on my ancient computer after 15 minutes.🥱

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@TechnicalKO @ericireland *tries to remember what being 42 was like* Actually, that was 11 years ago, which coincides with early chronic health shit, so hello from 53, finally found balance between the 3 major OS's, I need pickled fish, and my feet hurt.

Srsly, I've been working with various flavours of UN*X since *counts* 1986, so more than happy to answer any questions that I can.

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@ericireland Hi! I'm nearly 42, recently re-entered civil engineer in water industry. I ride bikes, repair things, and try to have fun.

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The year 2020 was one of the three warmest on record, and rivalled 2016 for the top spot, according to a consolidation of five leading international datasets by the #WorldMeteorologicalOrganization (#WMO). A naturally occurring cooling climate phenomenon, #LaNiña, put a brake on the heat only at the very end of the year.
All five datasets surveyed by WMO concur that 2011-2020 was the warmest decade on record, in a persistent long-term #Climate Change trend.


GetUp petition 

The Reserve Bank has been paying the hard-right Centre for Independent Studies since 2006. Sign and say no to public funds going to partisan think tanks.

I just love it how every nutcase on social media is an expert on qPCR these days! love to read the general public debating the "correct" number of PCR cycles to use, etc..😂

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I'm 42, married with one child. I'm doing a PhD in soil microbiology at Melbourne Uni. Trying to teach myself something about linux shell for the purposes of bioinformatics (using QIIME 2) at the moment.

Interested in environmentalism and politics.

I like the idea of an open source alternative to twitter.


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