Neat command-line weather command. I like the text images.


Below is today's weather in Canberra, Australia.

Saw the documentary movie last night. How had I never heard of these musician brothers before? Until hitting youtube after the movie I was not 100% convinced it was not all an elaborate hoax...

For some reason, the plot package in the J programming language only puts up a QT window for an instant, then it vanishes. This only seems to happen in the Manjaro i3 window manager, not xfce. Anyone know why this might be happening and whether there is an i3 setting that allows the plot windows to stay visible? Anyone got JQt working with i3?

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Inkscape For Students The Series (In Progress)

Sharing is very appreciated.

Intro, what is Inkscape and everything:

Preface of the series:

Preparations, like downloading and installing Inkscape:

Open and save drawings:

Fonts, getting them to use with Inkscape:

Text, the basics you should master:

#Inkscape #Computer #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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This is the most ridiculous C64 demo ever and it was just released. You need to watch this.

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Someone is trying to create a programming language called "C***" or "C---" that uses Australian slang as its syntax.
#programming #coding

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Today I learned about GEORGE, a 1950s stack-based RPN programming language that precedes #forth by a good ten years. Also, fun fact, it is Australian!

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see the blurry laptop in the banner image on this page?
try selecting text on it.

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put it this way: i would MUCH rather write my code in a conversational environment, accept the slowdown that comes with that, and use the interactivity to figure out where i need to drop into assembler - and to write, test and debug that assembler - than to run it all through a batch-mode compiler and hope for the best

there's only one silver bullet in coding, and that's zero-latency turnaround in the debugging cycle

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It's out!!

Well, a draft, at least. It took way longer than it should have to scrape up the information.

The big comparison of #Emacs #email clients, where I talk a bit about configuring MUA's such as:


and also add little notes & ideas about them.

The whole article is in sections; you're supposed to hop around to whatever you're into.

It'll probably take another week before it's good enough to be considered "done", but I'm proud enough that I wanted to push it out a bit early.

I'm going to be giving a presentation on reproducible research using -mode. In preparing it, I discovered that calc can be called inline, that it can analytically take derivatives of functions and evaluate them. It can also output the function and derivative in LaTeX, and then plot the output in gnuplot. What wild magic is this? I had no idea calc was that powerful: I had only ever used it a few times as an rpn calculator.

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Yep, I've confirmed it. The My Little Pony named Firefly came out for Christmas 1983.

I was six years old. I knew there were boys and there were girls. The boys looked one way, dressed one way, acted one way, and played one way. And I wanted to look, dress, act, and play like the girls.

I asked for Firefly for Christmas.

Mom made a show of having me tell my grandfather what I wanted for Christmas. "You don't want that." But to her credit, for all her faults, Mom did let me eventually get Firefly.

I played with Ponies and I played with Transformers and I tried to make it all work and I tried to live up to everyone's expectations and I ended up hurting myself and others as I grew up flailing around trying to be a budding man.

But please tell me again how we didn't have trans kids 40 years ago. Tell me again how it must be soy in the food or pollution in the water. Tell me it's social pressure. Tell me it's anything other than more widespread acceptance and a world where kids can more comfortably be who they are.

Go ahead. Tell me little Dave-who-wanted-to-be-Dana doesn't count because of some arbitrary line you've drawn. Tell me I'm ok and real but some kid crying over an Equestria figure is a threat to society.

I don't believe you. In fact I pity your narrow view of the past, shaped by a dominant narrative of rigid roles and smothering expectations.

We were here. We were queer. Get used to it.

I stopped by our local secondhand bookstore because I happened to be in the neighbourhood and my daughter was looking for Harry Potter books. I found a book on free software in the tech section, which was surprising. What was more surprising was that it was signed by the author. Not expecting that in an Australian bookstore, at a very reasonable price.

I've been on hold on the phone to Australia's leading bank for 45 minutes. That was plenty of time to learn that this bank made a profit of AUD7.2 billion in 2020. Apparently they can't afford a few more call centre staff...

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