Elon musk's neural link is just an iteration on existing technology... but my god what an iteration.

This could also be the primary factor as to why I don't make friends on the internet.

This place is getting worse than facebook for the amount of mundane pointless life updates people are sending. Should I also start sending a play by play of my life as it happens? maybe I can develop an ai that follows me around and provides textual updates for my life events..

: Just finished drinking his coffee
: walked out of the cafe
: opened the door of his car
: drove off a cliff and the car exploded in 80's movie style fashion.

I'm just going to mute everyone, and be broadcast only.

that alternate universe where Jessica doesnt have the flu and Morty has to deal with a super obsessed teenage girl.

Imagine a lottery which always has exactly one winner, who got the whole amount minus the cost of running the lottery, and financial counselling and help for the winner. part of the lottery program is to revisit old lottery winners.

Buying a ticket could then be seen as contributing to the show/ helping someone have a random leg up. doesn't even matter if a billionaire wins, because when you revisit them to ask what they did with the money they had better say something good, or hate will flow.

I would like to read a website called :

"The future According to YYYY"

Which hosts a wiki that people update with predictions of the future based off the current state with cited sources of past history and well thought predictions. curated by impartial people.

to reward yourself for failure is akin to coming second, and celebrating the fact you could compete at all.

I've always been anti competative my entire life because my mind was in the wrong place about competition. there is no such thing as loss... only gain. and since we are more than the sum of our parts, the rewards multiply the more are involved.

it's like the fundamental rules of life, to help each other is more efficient.

The change of approach from commiseration for failure, to celebration of failure. maybe not as much as celebration of success, but success has other external intrinsic rewards like monetary compensation and prowess, which help in day to day life. a celebration of failure would be more like an encouragement of success for growth, it may not have the other tangible rewards but it is a reward in and of itself.

The movie 'Meet The Robinsons' comes to mind.

I think we need to start rewarding genuine failure too, because to have failed is to truly have attempted something beyond yourself. And that can only help you to grow as a person as you reach forward in live.

other people may start to be interested.

Already I have had interest from one or two people, and all who hear about the idea think its cool. but without something nice to show, its just vapourware, and so is my credibility.

We are all so jaded by failure, that people who follow through on their promises of grand proportion are compensated accordingly.

What grand promises are you working on? if we can all help each other achieve them, just think of the possibilities.

I'm finding that creating something from scratch is a surprising amount of work. My home automation system, which was only ever intended to be for my van, by design has become this behemoth project that should be able to suit anyone. but the pace of development is so slow, that i'm finding it frustrating. I am not an expert in many of the problems that I face, so there is so much learning involved.

Still, I am getting closer and closer to my goals, and should i reach certain milestones...

You never know what your limits are until you reach them, which means you are going to cross lines, be injured, offend people, get fired, and generally fail at life.

If you aren't failing, you aren't reaching high enough to find where you end and the world begins.

Crying again, this time is Les Misérables

Fucking love the music.

score would be based on survival over generations, not just a single run.

I find it fascinating how fast flies can move and maneuver, imagine humans moving at the same relative velocity and agility.. we would be turned to mush so fast..

I would love to play a video game of being a fly on a wall... would be the most adrenaline pumping shit escaping from fly swatters spray cans, spiders webs, frogs, etc... could have a stamina bar which makes you rest, need to eat stuff, goal would be to find other flies to copulate with and lay larvae in safe places.

I need to make a t-shirt that says "Dance with me I'm beginner friendly"

I like to flesh out backstories for movies in my mind, or extend movie timelines between the scenes.

Today I'm imagining Bells father phillip from beauty and the beast, what his relationship with his wife must have been, whether she's dead or gone, and how he came to move with Bell to the small town in france.

Everyone has a main plotline that is their story, if we are willing to be curious.

I should make a collection of gifs of me balling my eyes out from watching movies.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.

Every story has a 'happy ending' except mine, and more than likely yours too. So lets hug and comfort each other and help each other get through the remainder of our lives, because life's not a movie it's just hard fucking work staying alive, with the promise of hope for some happiness mixed into the pain.

I'm talking to everyone.

OK i Cant help myself

Or in that alternate universe where beavers live in butts:

I mean what would even be a

This helped with constipation one time:

No laces needed:

I think i've seen an anime where this would apply:

I've defintely seen this online:

OK this one wins:

sheesh this word is amazing:

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