:( all my money on repairs.. i might have to get a job again and delay again.. so sad.

But it does make me think that the beauty of having a phd is not about the thing you learned, but that you have the fortitude to dive deep on a subject, under constrained circumstances, with vetting and checks and balances all the way and come out the end with advanced knowledge on a topic.. not the topic itself, althought that will be useful information. But the skill of focusing your attention to understanding something as much as possible.

Imagine having phd's in weird obscure topics because the internet communities were just wanting some random shit like they always do...

the students would have a range of scholarships to choose from, and not all of them would pick the one with the most money in it. but the things we could get answered in the most exquisite detail would be fantastic.

There should be a crowdsourced scholarship fund for answering the internet's most favourite questions..

When repairs on your van home cost 3700 you start to think I that over the lifecycle of the already old vehicle, conversion to electric might soon be viable. .. wish I was hanging out with the folks at EVWest or rich from rich rebuilds..

WOOT, last night at about 4am, I clicked a button on a webpage and my LED strip in my van turned off, for the first time.

This is not normally much of a feat, but I'm sending a websocket message to a bespoke http/websocket server running on my arduino mega, with a serious amount of work put into the infrastructure so that its modular.

My goal is to provide modules, which can be included in a header and it 'just works'.

Work plods forward as ever gitlab.com/enetheru/hyperion

Sitting in my van whilst a mechanic works on it feels very similar to surgery. the slight tugging, and yanking movement bring back memories.

fuck'n oglaf is only second best to sarah scribbles, but i love it so.


democracy sausage could have been better quality, they at least had onion.

I think that if i were to settle down in a community my participation in community activities will be substantial. Make the area I live in my video game and have it be the best ever, most wholesome instance in existence.

When you have a slightly runny nose, and start getting a headache. I think to myself; is this the precursor to a cold? Fuck I hope not..

reading back old code, and I'm like WTF, how much work did I do holy shit.. I feel like old me is much smarter than now me.. and it's only been a few months.

I think i'll go back to watching bill and ted. thanks Keanu

it seems to be to be a grade, because as i continue the trend in my mind i get people who have zero concern, to people who believe its a skill and practice it. or people who enjoy it probably fit into the lowest category of human empathy. sheesh human pathology is so fascinatingly dirty.

I would argue that at every stage of alteration of media creates a new grade of human evolution. from language to print, to, broadcast 1:1, to, 1:n, n:n. You have to be terrified that there are people who wish to limit the distance of your expressions because of prejudice. I guess its just the type of people who would pull you down on a clifside to get higher than you in an emergency. the fuck you I got mine mentality. or even the simple lack of concern for their fellow humanity, as they climb

also people talk about the journey in the past tense, where the key to start such a journey would be the desire to seek something, if you are content then why would you seek.

it never occurred to me before that the would be somewhat of a journey of self discovery and reinvention.. just saw it as a means to an end, but without the means, there is no journey to ends. i wonder how many people are stuck without the mobility to go seeking.

I have an old singer sewing machine in really good condition that i need to get rid of. i really don't want to, but I can't find a good home for it.

Spent the evening talking whit with developers in adelaide at a meetup, it was good and I eventually relaxed into the fact that I'm not a complete idiot, infact i was the only person who follows c++ at all. Weird to be giving useful information to people who earn 30k more than me per year on average.

what if smoking was just our subconsciousness preparing for the apocalypse by genetic selection through smokers re-producing and building an immunity to particulates... the things my brain comes up with before i think of all the ways its bullshit.. but if you run with it then i can see a sort of scifi novel emerge... if you think about oxygen like food, and inhalation our method of ingesting it, what other things can we ingest through inhalation that would provide benefit to our lives...

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