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Updated to reflect job change... I’m a Greens member of the Legislative Assembly from Canberra, Australia. Here for progressive policy-making, environment, inequality issues. Also into roller derby and other sports. If I post lots about baking, I’m probably stressed. If I post lots about my dog, I’m probably happy.


Still thinking about how much fun last night’s fried ice cream at the local Chinese was. I don’t think I’d had that since I was 15 and it just felt like being a kid again.

Illegal to not say "big stretch!" when a pet does a big stretch

Dammit. I put my washing on in a rush this morning and forgot to take out my favourite merino wool jumper and now it’s shrunk and I can’t just buy another because it’s a J Crew one that I found in a Brooklyn second hand shop.

Food, alc 

Chilly night means a big tray of my home made mac n cheese, and a glass of Brokenwood Cricket Pitch sauv blanc.

Wore this badge with my three piece suit today. Getting a bit chilly in Canberra.

Made cranberry, apple and walnut muffins and I think they’re going to be super tasty but also good healthy energy food for busy work days.

I’ve got a new temporary Chief of Staff starting tomorrow (still recruiting for the permanent person) so tonight I need to bake a bajillion muffins.

There is an unused small meeting room in my office suite and I am turning it into a Wellbeing Room for all the Greens staff to use. We already have artwork and a Super Nintendo, I’m hoping to go buy bean bags later tonight and put some mindful colouring gear in there.

Did a podcast interview for work today. Was given talking points by the Directorate. May have gone off script a little bit and talked about the need for radical love and compassion. And then quoted Cornel West. Do not regret my choices.

I should add that until 25 years ago, I was a frequent sleepwalker, with rare occasions of it until just over 20 years ago. I know what my brain feels like when I wake up after having done that, which is why I had suspicions and bothered to check the data. It’s also not something that bothers me, just an interesting technical puzzle for data nerds.

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Conclusion: I think went for some nocturnal somnambulism around 2:20am, which woke up the dog. When I went back to bed, the dog whined to wake me back up at 3am and let him outside, as he had seen I was already awake and surely that means play time.

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Clue 5: Apple Heart Rate shows my heart rate at 2-3am as not quite my lowest resting heart rate, but certainly not the rate I have when awake. Light sleep, most likely.

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Clue 4: Detailed data on Apple Steps indicates I took those 60 conscious steps at 3:01am, with my phone as a torch.

But I also took 115 steps at 2:17am and 36 steps at 2:21am, without my phone.

This fits with going up and down the stairs a few times, before the dog requested attention.

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Clue 3: Apple Steps shows I took 178 steps between 2-3am, and another 30 steps from 3-4am. I can account for about 60 steps between 2:30 and 3:30am, which leaves 120 steps unaccounted for.

The stairs are about 30 steps each way.

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Clue 2: Big gap between just after 2am and just before 4am where I was not in bed or asleep.

I remembered having to go downstairs at 3am for maybe ten minutes to let the dog outside and then back in again.

But not as early as 2am, and not for almost two hours.

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Clue 1: Apple’s Sleep data shows time asleep to be more than time in bed. I assumed this was a data screw-up from Apple, and did some reading on how it knows the difference between in bed and asleep.

It seems Apple Sleep uses a combination of not using your phone, and the lack of arm movement from the watch, plus an algorithm of which I can find no further detail, to determine that you’re asleep as opposed to just in bed.

So maybe it just screwed up with the algorithm?

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A thread on using AppleWatch to track nocturnal somnambulism.
No I will not be getting a blog.

A couple of weeks ago, I suspected I had been sleepwalking, but have been so busy with work that I didn’t have time to go through my Apple Watch data and confirm it … until now.

tl;dr: I had a little sleepwalk for the first time in over 20 years and Apple Watch recorded it. Here’s how I know.

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