Third kid has started 🤮 but first kid to get it is now feeling better so zero net change

Today I had a meeting with The Datamaster in which I requested permission to be The Knowledgekeeper. If my request is approved, stay tuned for the arrival of Gozer the Neoliberal Policy Destructor.

It occurs to me that when I eventually get told I have to wear my glasses all the time, not just for reading, at least I won't have a moment of panic every morning when I get to the office and worry that I've left them at home (they're always in the bottom of my bag).

Today’s badge is for my youngest kid who is feeling sick today. Maths is one of his favourite skills, and it gives me joy to see how much joy he gets from it, even if it doesn’t care how much he loves it.

Kid stopped 🤮 at 6:45am, 15mins before my alarm. So I tagged the other parent and am safely on a clean, peaceful bus to work. Hopefully the poor kiddo gets some sleep and feels better this morning.

There’s a bunch of people elsewhere on the interwebs freaking out about the gender and cultural background of a number, and congratulating a country (currently trying to isolate itself from Europe) for winning a world sports event with a team whose captain is in fact a migrant from an EU country.

Awake for three hours with 🤮 kid, have to get up in 45mins for work.

‪If he knocks it off the couch, food treats will fall out.‬

How many tangerines do I have to eat to get rid of a sore throat?

My 11yr old decided these aren’t his style, so I get new cream leather Vans

Friday Family Movie Night: Stranger Things S3E5

Went to the opening of a museum exhibition about activism. Launch speech by Minister was attended by activists from a protest outside the museum about planning laws killing off live music. I love this city. (That’s our local MLA Caroline Le Couteur in the green jacket)

This fella just got told off for trying to chew up the hand towel in the kitchen.

Went to the launch of a museum exhibition about activism tonight and a bunch of protestors came in to protest about planning regs killing live music and aaaaaahhhhh it made me happy

I went to a meeting today with three economists, two of whom wore woolly jumpers, and it has been the highlight of my week to talk about how important good data is and what we’d all love to spend time analysing.

I spent today looking at an Excel chart so large that I had to zoom out to 40% to see the whole damn thing and all I did was prove what we anecdotally already knew but hey at least I proved a thing.

Refuelling while trying to work out if I should be using Trend or Seasonally Adjusted or Original data.

MacBook down to 28% (usually much higher by 2pm) due to lots of chugging on labour force data. I am very happy.

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