I made an excellent salad tonight from canned 4 bean mix, diced fried haloumi (cold), diced tomato, chopped coriander, and a dressing of lemon juice with olive oil and pepper and soy sauce.

All good Sundays should start with someone asking if willing to get arrested.

I should point out that today’s walk was just 3 blocks in my suburb. Maybe 2km total.

Took the dog for a walk while letterboxing and now he is buggered and sleeping in his kennel. Boy is he gonna get a shock when I take him on an all day bushwalk next Saturday.

In hockey you’re supposed to skate to where the puck is going as opposed to where it is. Ideally our government would work the same way.

After months of focusing on the numbers, it’s time to shift it back to the words. Hence today’s badge.

I made choc fudge brownies. Because fuck it I wanted chocolate carbs still warm from the oven.

There is a biscuit debate going on at the desks behind me and I hope nobody tries to
involve me because I actually don’t particularly like biscuits in general.

I got plenty more opinions where that came from and I’m feeling scrappy.

Web designers who say print is a dying medium but then refer to something “above the fold” on a website are a disgrace to their profession.

Comparing Wordfence vs Cloudflare for at least 11 websites that I’m now managing. Come at me with your suggestions. ping @effy

What I Did On My Holidays: I’ve been at the beach for a few days and it was lovely. Watched a pod of dolphins from the balcony of our holiday house. Listened to birds. Walked. Watched the boy and the dog chase each other in the waves. I feel great. Highly recommend.

I just did three hours in a car with a dog with a digestive upset.

When someone says their apartment is barely big enough to swing a cat, do you picture two cats, standing up on their back legs, swing-dancing? Or is that just me?

What is the difference between USA and USB? 

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