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Updated to reflect job change... I’m a Greens member of the Legislative Assembly from Canberra, Australia. Here for progressive policy-making, environment, inequality issues. Also into roller derby and other sports. If I post lots about baking, I’m probably stressed. If I post lots about my dog, I’m probably happy.

Have taken another 7 indoor plants in to my office and have three seedlings hopefully sprouting on the west facing window sill. It’s still damn depressing to work long hours in an office alone.

Desk shaking during first meeting of the day because with epicentre across two state borders (mag 6 I think).

Last Thursday I had a few words to say in the ACT Legislative Assembly about check in apps and data privacy. Reading from my laptop screen with stickers by @daedalus
Warning: contains Star Wars quote.

TFW you check your email for tomorrow’s dawn Zoom workout session to find you won’t be able to do it because it requires gear you don’t own, so instead you can sleep in til 6:30am. Yeah it’s a good feeling. Might go for a skate on the way to work instead.

Am in the office in black t-shirt and jacket today, so I look fine for Zoom meetings, but skater skirt and DC Shoes on the bottom half because I went skating on the way to work very early this morning.

Tried out my new Moxi pads, so good to have less bulk on my knees! And the new Taylor Swift song with Big Red Machine is indeed good for roller dance / skating to.

Yeah let’s go Monday! Skate time!

(And then a metric sh*t tonne of work to hopefully make this city a more liveable place, but first … we skate!)

I am not looking forward to work this week. So I am planning early morning sneaky skate sessions on the three weekdays where I don’t have early morning Zoom group workout already booked. Tomorrow’s skate session is practicing roller dance moves, and there’s a new Taylor Swift single (17 Aug release) which is quite appropriate for this.


I just baked 28 vegan apple walnut muffins, and 29 raspberry white choc muffins with cream cheese icing. Half for the office (which has almost nobody in it) and half for the kids who are studying from home all week (and aren’t really that big on the muffin snacking, they seem to prefer two minute noodles and cereal).

Covid + kids 

Trying to convince teen kids that a mask mandate when they go back to school would not be so bad because you don’t have to worry as much about your skincare routine when half your face is hidden. (I don’t know if there will be a mask mandate or when school goes back, but there’s a mask mandate right now so it’s possible…)

Mapping out all the places nearby where I can combine a weekend picnic and skate session while this lockdown thing is still going on. Love living in a city with so many parks and reserves!


Also: went skating in 21°C sunshine yesterday and this is what I wore. I regret nothing.


Omg I am here and geez it is nice to be back.
Life has been hectic.

I’ve been working 60-80 hours a week, most of it in a completely empty office, eating weet bix from my desk drawer for dinner, filling out the bingo card of shit that can go wrong in a pandemic.

Shit is still going wrong, by the way. I’ve just reached enough of a point of dealing with it that I felt I could take a break to catch up on what y’all are doing here. And I’m hopeful that shit will stop going wrong soon.

Current COVID lockdown status 

Partner watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.
14yr old playing Faith No More songs on electric guitar.
15yr old introvert carrying on as normal.
17yr old left handed kid learning to play Blackbird on a right handed acoustic guitar.

Feeling somewhat gutted by Australia placing fourth in wheelchair rugby at Tokyo this arvo. I was so sure they would be playing USA for gold.

Have made good use of my Sunday night by backing up almost 20 years of family video content onto the external HDD in case of failure in the computer it all lives on.

I think my household is personally keeping Capital Brewing and Bentspoke in business.

What’s a lockdown?

Covid vax 

Listening to the 14yr old boy on Discord telling his friends he is definitely getting vaxxed as soon as he can get booked in.

Also if anyone a interested, the artwork on the wall behind my desk is “Taste the Rainbow” by Luke Cornish aka ELK. It’s from his exhibition earlier this year on protests and activism, including rallies and movements I’ve been part of. I love having it in the background for online meetings with the Minister for Corrections.

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