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Because there seems to be lots of new people lately... I’m a community sector worker and social researcher from Canberra, Australia here for progressive policy-making, environment, inequality issues. I’m national Convenor of Women’s Electoral Lobby, secretary of my local community council and a suburban community centre, and help out with local sports clubs. Also into roller derby. If I post lots about baking, I’m probably stressed. If I post lots about my dog, I’m probably happy.

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My sister sold her house! I really do quite like the story told here - and it’s all true except their names aren’t Lucy and Emmet.

Email arrived from NRL touch football association with a subject line about food. Turns out to be an ad from their sponsor, Indomie Mi Goreng noodles. Mate, I have teenagers, they need no encouragement to eat instant noodles.

Oooh I forgot about them! But I just checked and I can’t seem to get a delivery guaranteed within a week right now.

Tomorrow my 12yr old is going to try having a guitar lesson over Zoom. Hope it goes well so his guitar teacher can keep working and the kids can keep doing their creative thing that’s good for their mental wellbeing.

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My co-worker Chase is disappointed that the work cafeteria has nothing on offer for his dietary requirements.

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The 12 yr old is about to be told to stop playing Guns N Roses songs on his electric guitar so his dad can do another video call meeting. He will, of course, be unimpressed.

The 15yr old emerged from her room at 12:30pm claiming she doesn't want anything for lunch. I told her to eat breakfast. She made herself a cold frothy instant coffee with soy milk and has now gone back to her room to watch Netflix and text her friends.

If anyone wants to know what the ABS website will look like when it gets out of beta, this was released today:

In other news, I am an unemployed bum who has lost upcoming consulting work I had just signed contracts for. But three days back from New York and I still feel as healthy as usual so yay for that.

This morning my partner worked from home to do a software release on a government agency website. It went fine. The thing looks good.

Makes myGov shitting the bed look even worse. But my fave part of the myGov thing was their spokesperson at the press conf saying it was a denial of service attack. It was pretty obvious from the get-go that it was just overloaded. It’s not like that’s never happened to a government website before...

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Been a while. Need more rise time but this’ll do for tomorrow’s bread needs.

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