I watched Margaret Atwood’s interview and readings from her new book at Dendy tonight and now I feel ready to go join the resistance and take back our planet!

Today’s badge is a quote from one of my favourite books when I was in my late teens.

So fuck it. I have gone home and stress-eaten half a block of Darrell Lea rocky road and I think that’s a better way to spend the arvo.

Was supposed to be at a workshop meeting for two hours this arvo at the hospital campus aka Hell. Spent literally 15mins finding a parking space and walking to the building (typical of time required), miraculously found the meeting rooms listed on the agenda, nobody there. And no contact details on the agenda. So I try to phone my office to see if they have heard anything, but no Telstra service inside the building so I have to go out to the noisy street to call (and they’ve got no info either).

There’s 4 kinds of apples from our local farmers market here and life is pretty good.

I actually can’t remember why I chose this badge today, so I guess that means my day turned out pretty good.

Starting a new project which means yay lit review day 1 aka what direction am I heading and where shall I even start reading?

Someone is dropping their fave toy down the back of the couch just so I will go fetch it for him. That’s not how this game is supposed to work...

LinkedIn just suggested I friend the Defence Minister. 🥴

spring in australia is epic because all the animals have smaller versions of themselves in their pockets

I went to my nephew’s 21st birthday party and I ate too much and now my stomach hurts.

Pretty impressive. Weirdly, none of the food stalls surrounding the dance area were selling moon cakes (although there was a class in how to make them right before the lion dance). So I still have to buy more mooncakes later today. 🥮

‪The yellow one was my favourite for its cheekiness and for being quick to find the smallest kids in the crowd and get right up close to them.‬

I watched the biggest ever lion dance in Canberra this morning. I think 8-10 lions all in one space. I couldn’t get them all in a single frame.

Dare I try to get self + kids out of the house to see the lion dance?

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