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Because there seems to be lots of new people lately... I’m a community sector worker and social researcher from Canberra, Australia here for progressive policy-making, environment, inequality issues. I’m national Convenor of Women’s Electoral Lobby, secretary of my local community council and a suburban community centre, and help out with local sports clubs. Also into roller derby. If I post lots about baking, I’m probably stressed. If I post lots about my dog, I’m probably happy.

Got these from Southside Farmers Market in Canberra. They may not taste as good as little baby carrots, but they’ll be fun to roast whole for dinner.

Oldest kid’s footy training and my skateboard run to the shops and back ended just in time, it has started raining.

Distracted from more writing progress by the thought that I really should book in and do my motorcycle L's course again while the roads are quiet and the weather is gross, instead of waiting til warmer weather.

Hilltop Hoods "I'm Good?" has the best lyrics of anything I've heard this year.

That's the whole toot and nothing but the toot.

The FB SDK issue in iOS apps is not all bad. I deleted Pinterest tonight because it crashed repeatedly when I tried to open it. I think I just needed an excuse to Kondo it outta here.

I made a video that I think some of y'all wouldn't hate, but I'm unsure what's the best way to share vids on the fediverse. Tell me what to do!

OK I gave the dog some apple crumble and he’s not quite as disappointed in me now. @tqft @koosli

I know of someone who is looking for a freelancer for, at this stage, a one off job: LinkedIn content & lead gen
Anyone interested let me know privately and i will pass on info

Still eating through the several hundred kilos of apples from the organic orchard uncle accidentally bought last month. Apple crumble is going down quite well. Four kinds of apples involved.

We made chicken wraps for dinner and this guy is giving me side eye because he didn’t get any.

Interesting juxtaposition in my menchies (not about the same toot)


From tomorrow, I can walk to a free COVID-19 test clinic. There is a community pantry providing free food & toilet paper 24/7 only one block from my house. There is a green strip where I can walk my dog at the end of my street. My partner already works from home and my kids can study at home. If lockdown happens in my city, our community is better prepared than most.

Blood donation 

Upsides of funemployment: blood donation was quicker than usual today. Likely because I went mid-morning instead of 7:30am, which gave me time to drink more water and so my blood flowed faster.

It is bloody cold outside in Canbrrrra even though it’s sunny


I just ate a Choco Pie from South Korea and it was OK. I’m not that big a chocolate fan, so probably if you like chocolate more than me this would rate much higher.

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