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Updated to reflect job change... I’m a Greens member of the Legislative Assembly from Canberra, Australia. Here for progressive policy-making, environment, inequality issues. Also into roller derby and other sports. If I post lots about baking, I’m probably stressed. If I post lots about my dog, I’m probably happy.


Ended iso by encouraging a 9 year old girl to drop in for her first time ever on the Belco bowl and she hit it like a champ. No idea who this kid is, but betting I see her in comps within a year or two.

A bunch of bands I voted for in the triplej hottest 100 made the list, but not for the song I voted for. I don't know what this means.

Shopping for a new MacBook so I can give my still-kicks-arse 2013 MacBook Pro with SSD to the oldest kid who is starting uni in a few weeks. Opinions on MacBook Air welcome.

Rick Astley. You have been warned. 

Every night, my partner tells our 14yr old it’s past bedtime and “you know the rules”.

And every night, the kid sings back “and so do I”.

Lord help me. I have to quarantine with this lot.

Watching the live stream of a town planning meeting and they are planning for a grassy knoll! They actually said it! Looking for proximity to a book depository…

Day 10 of iso. my husband offered to go get hot chippies (he’s cleared to exit iso) and that man has never looked so attractive to me in all the 21 years we’ve been together.

My oldest kid got her ATAR today and it makes no difference to anything because she had already made her plans for 2022 and didn’t need an ATAR to make them happen, but I’m still happy for her getting a score that is better than she expected.

So now I’m drinking wine and shitposting/subtweeting on :birdsite: and should get a “behave yourself please Minister” any minute from my Chief of Staff.

It’s been a day. The public service is clearly back at work, because I’ve started getting briefs to sign. Probably a good thing, leave me with too much free time and I either post on socials or write op eds that cause consternation for someone, somewhere.


Chase really wanted to go for a walk but has been convinced to lie next to my desk instead. Apart from being a plague house in quarantine, it’s raining outside.


Another day’s work almost done. Just had a garden break with my co-worker. Chase is pretty good at encouraging positive wellbeing behaviour.

Good morning! My first meeting is in less than one hour, and my body feels like it’s been stuck indoors with no opportunity to work out physical tension for like a *week* (it’s been precisely 9 days).

Hah!! I love this one...
[Text: Pointing out the absurdity of a Trinitarian doctrine where God is three and yet 1 persons, but a person assigned male at birth can't be a woman.]

Apple Watch tells me since I got COVID, my resting respiratory rate and resting heart rate have both increased significantly.

Will be interested to see if they go back to their usual rates when the COVID symptoms end.

I’ve done all my prep for work tomorrow, including steam mopping the floor, so now I’m just going to chill for the rest of the afternoon.

Cooking a giant batch of apples so I can make apple crumble for dessert tonight. This is gonna be good.

I did no work yesterday, just lazed around reading and listening to music and making chocolate mousse for after dinner because my kids like it. But today I am going to try and prep for a busy work week by catching up on tasks I didn’t finish last week.

I have tested positive for COVID. I’m fine, I’m sure it will pass soon. And have been in iso since I was exposed to it at a family event a week ago, so we haven’t spread it to anyone else either.

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