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Because there seems to be lots of new people lately... I’m a community sector worker and social researcher from Canberra, Australia here for progressive policy-making, environment, inequality issues. I’m national Convenor of Women’s Electoral Lobby, secretary of my local community council and a suburban community centre, and help out with local sports clubs. Also into roller derby. If I post lots about baking, I’m probably stressed. If I post lots about my dog, I’m probably happy.

Yesterday’s campaign meeting was done while walking 6.5km around Lake Burpy Gherkin. Today’s meeting was done while sharing lemon and vanilla cronuts and a pineapple lime custard croissant from the farmer’s market.

Mr 2.5 wants to help me with my Duolingo French, so I tried to teach him his favourite phrase, "non, je n'aime pas ça" but no, he didn't like it.

“Once investors start assessing government bonds in terms of climate change, Australia’s government will be in serious trouble.”

My bulldog just snore-snorted and I swear it was the best Winston Churchill impersonation ever.

Walking home in 31°C and air quality around 140PM2.5 in Canberra.

Teen daughter is lobbying for a pet kitten. Her father told her it starts with one, and before you know it you’re a single old woman living with half a dozen cats. And she was all “what’s wrong with that?”. To which there is no comeback, really.

Aunty Gloria from Mogo would have slept in a tent to stay on her traditional lands where she is an elder. Thanks to Find A Bed, she’s got somewhere safer and much nicer. Reading this story has been the highlight of my day so far, everyone involved is a bloody legend.

Work colleague brought random snacks back from her Japan holiday. Now eating tiny sweet biscuity thing like Parmesan cheesecake.

My twelve year old has started saying “OK zoomer” to his slightly older teen sisters and this is wild. They just give him side-eye and ignore him.

Our local food co-op ran a workshop on Sunday to teach people how to make an air purifier for their home if they have an ordinary fan, HEPA paper car air filter, and some corrugated cardboard. Pretty effective, and very accessible to people who already own a fan and just need to buy a HEPA filter and raid the recycling bin.

I haven't talked about this on here, but I've been working on a design for a low-cost air purifier (<$100) suitable for a kid's bedroom. Looks like this (iphone X for scale)

filter is $35 from bunnings, used in multiple cheap shop vacuums. HEPA H13 rated. The design uses a 120mm computer fan (~$35) and runs on a portable power bank, like you charge your phone with.

so you can run it off mains power using a USB phone charger, or battery pack. A 5,000maH pack will run it for ~8hrs.

here's a clip of it clearing smoke from a plastic box. This was a 2min test to see if the fan had enough static pressure to draw through the filter. I sped up the clip so it takes 10sec.

work chat: mental health, fires, violence against women 

work chat: mental health, fires, violence against women 

I don't like leaving my cat at home alone when I go to work because I worry that if there's nobody here to tell him he's a good boy, he might forget.

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