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This is one of the most intense bits of fiction I’ve read in a long while. Far out.

It is so gratifying to see that maybe the narrative away from a clear two party/majority govt. might change here in Oz. Maybe. Hopefully.

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Australian Election, Mild swears 

If you are off to vote today I wish you all the best with the democracy sausage/soysage. But ya know what has really pissed me off this election? The ‘vote for me’ campaigns rather than ‘vote for us’ (except the Greens and smaller parties - both good and horrible). That’s not really how it works. I wonder if any academics have studied the phenomenon of treating our elections like a presidential campaign.


First, this is the coolest social-network thing I've seen like this off some specific Discords. Second, loving the variety on this playlist, what a ride.

Actually as an addendum, I've been eyeing mastodon for years, and tried to get some peers and friends engaged in Scuttlebutt, but that didn't work. This article:, is what prompted me to give it a go properly.

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@aussocialadmin suggested an post, so why not eh? I'm Vince, I live in Melbourne (Wurundjeri Country), and am a composer (all kinds of ) and producer (also all kinds of & ). I'm not great at social media, and have been on a bit of a mission to reduce my reliance on restrictive platforms (and actually engage in community, broadly speaking). I'm also a music academic and work in that world. This feels a bit like signing up for Myspace did way back when, but, I dunno, not at all like that. 😅

I’m bad at Twitter so I assume I’ll be bad at this, but really want some decentralised and privacy-centred social media in my life.


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