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I know the U.S.A. has a strong reputation for roadside attractions, but Cheadle, Alberta, Canada just put in an offering that's going to be hard to top. Allow me to present the world's largest (17ft.) Cheeto statue, complete with finger dust. I feel humbled just looking at it.

Dear Australian Government + workplaces. I would like to see 40 (and 50, 60, ... 130), so as a counter-proposal to the removal of the five-day isolation period, I'd like to propose a five-day isolation period for all air-and-surface transmittable viruses.

Does anybody know when the term ‘social network’ got replaced by ‘social media’ and what the catalyst(s) was/were?

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Introducing Everything Open, the grassroots open technologies conference covering Linux, open source software, open hardware, open data and the communities around them. We look forward to welcoming everyone to Naarm (Melbourne), Australia in March 2023.

#everythingopen #opensource #opentechnology

I’m kind of curious whether for those who have grown up in the less album-and-purchase-oriented era we are currently in, do you/they get any kind of chill of excitement when you/they put on a new album release without knowing what to expect? And then going on that journey of discovery? I remember when I bought Silverchair’s Neon Ballroom when I was 13 or so and it gave pre-emptive chills and then took me for a ride for the whole album.

Does anybody else find the reflections of light rings in people's eyes really creepy?

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Evening fediverse. Anybody got any recommendations for cyberpunk/gritty dystopia films/tv programs? Books too, but I find the aesthetic element of visual media almost as rewarding as the narrative.

Not so much the usual suspects like The Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, Akira.

I started watching a French program that I think was on Netflix called Vampires which kind of captured the vibe without the technology/futuristic element. But I didn't get invested enough in it I think.

The main "social media networks" really ought to be renamed "social marketing networks". Opt-in marketing not only from brands but from people-as-brands. The concerning thing is that it's taken me this long to realise.

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I have literally never thought about how forcing Western 12 tone equal temperament on users is exclusionary and biased! My privileged Western mind is being blown

"Allami expresses a keen sense of injustice about the young global musicians struggling to make digital sounds that feel authentically local. “It’s not that the music they make will sound ‘more Western,’ but it is forced into an unnatural rigidity,” Allami says. “The music stops being in tune with itself. A lot of the culture will be gone. It’s like cooking without your local spices, or speaking without your local accent. For me, that’s a remnant of a colonial, supremacist paradigm. The music is colonized in some way.”

Another miniature for the set. Very distracted week and I suspect this will need som revision.

Vegan burger, food 

Ok so this was the best of the three. They dodn’t hold together but I think that is a setting time issue rather than a recipe issue. Bit too much molasses flavour but overall pretty happy with how this turned out. Have some mix in the fridge setting more so hopefully the methylcellulose will do its thing.
Rehydrated soy protein (in molasses, vegemite, and mushroom seasoning), beetroot powder, methylcellulose, arrowroot powder, onion and garlic powder.

Also, saw a thread about email providers and someone recommended Fastmail and good grief that was the easiest email move I’ve ever done. Farewell Google Workspace ir whatever you are called now.

Food, vegan, fake meat 

Vegan burger made with methycellulose (and tvp) mk1

I’ve started using ProCreate to write music and am thoroughly loving it. It’s actuakly slightly more flexible (but less satisfying) than paper.

Food, fake meat 

Trying my hand at making more flavourful mock meat out of dehydrated soy protein. This will go into a bolognaise-style sauce tonight when it’s ready. Looking good! Been watching Sauce Stache on YouTube and getting ideas.

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so have you heard of this cool new thing called RSS? it’s like podcasts but for articles. you should check it out!

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