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the greatest invention of the past century was the technology to turn the spelling of bourgiouseiuoises into simply "bougie"

All my friends are getting m.2 SSDs and I am quite, quite jelly

Dear people who talk on speakerphone in public: what the fuck is wrong with you? Were you dropped as a baby?

I love D&D but 7 hours worth on a school night starting at 7pm is possibly a little much

Neck feels quite a bit better this evening. If it's still good tomorrow, I reckon I'll hit the gym again.

Cute boy I have a crush on keeps sending me sweet messages. And I had a smooching dream about him the other night and I'm trying very hard to concentrate on my thesis.


Been making dungeon tiles for D&D and I just got to use a hot glue gun for the first time.
I feel very fancy.

I really struggle with sentiments like “Fred, who you saw doing an incredibly hateful thing in a video, that’s not the real Fred. The Fred I know is warm and caring and wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

Yeah? That’s fucking convenient. If he was warm and caring, he wouldn’t be yelling at an Islamic woman on a bus, would he?

Maybe the Fred *you* saw wasn’t the real Fred. Maybe Fred was, deep down, a racist cunt who did racist things. Maybe Fred was an asshole.

I'm loving this display of skill in the bullet hell game, but I don't know if it's a speedrun?
It's entertaining, though, so I don't really care.

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Nat Geo interviewer to a nature documentary film-maker: "When did you realize you were in love with reptiles?"
Me, in my head: "Mass Effect 1"

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Housemate just informed me he'll likely be looking to move in with his gf around July.
My stipend runs out in August.

This year is gonna SUUUUUUCK.

Doom (2016) is one hell of a game and a pretty cool speedrun. But fuck me if the commentary and crowd isn't obnoxiously ... Doom-y

Oh good. It's AGDQ. Which means lots of people sharing their completely heartwrenching encounters with cancer during donations.

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