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Getting back into working out has really helped with it. Don't want to be dehydrated on weights days or after a workout

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alc mention 

Limited my drinking to one or two night a week the last couple weeks, and been cooking more lately. Managed to save quite a bit from that. Feeling pretty good.

First leg day of new workout regime yesterday.
My house has stairs.

The existence of pet peeves implies the existence of wild peeves

I made a big dumb homebrew for D&D and I'm so excited to get to use it on my players.

"This person likely hasn't considered <incredibly obvious thing that everybody knows>. I should inform them of it."

This has been a lot of my experience on the line lately.

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Why the fuck would you assume that I don't know a good trailer doesn't necessarily mean a good movie?
Do I really come across as someone who has never seen a movie before?

Matrix 4 trailer is good.

I will be taking no further questions at this time.

Covid/Locky D (-) 

And the fight was on some terrain that I had made myself. So, now I get the fun of trying to recreate the terrain in Dungeondraft from kinda blurry pictures I took on my phone.

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Covid/Locky D (-) 

I'm trying not to get obsessed with Victoria's numbers at the moment, but I checked them today and was disappointed (but unsurprised) to see another jump.
In light of the fact we're likely not getting out of this lockdown before my birthday, I'm going to be reactivating my roll20 subscription and make up some maps and monster tokens for bar D&D.
It's a little frustrating, though, that our last in-person session ended mid-fight.

Everything is awful right now but what's not awful is seeing people I love get their jabs.

The 4 P's: Please Pay for your Porn People.

Cue several hundred word refutation of their point, complete with citations.

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Someone in a D&D group on Facey-B is challenging me on 3.5e rules and lore.


You may have bitten off more than you can chew here mate.

Scully cures Skinner of brain implants. Doggett fires a sniper nuke at Krycek.

legend tells of an ass so fat even God couldn't clap it

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