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Did some marking, played some games, got some stuff to hold D&D minis, and baked a couple loaves of bread. Gonna hit the local for a couple of cold ones, then I'll have some dinner and prep for bar D&D tomorrow.
Successful weekend is successful.

Google Play Music just threw L'Ame Immortelle at me. I'd totally forgotten about them.

Critical Role S1 

Imagine if umbrella ownership didn't turn off that part of your brain that registers the existence of other people.
What a world that would be.

@geordie Just tried that shave set you and Helen got me. That brush is quite possible the softest thing I've ever touched.

Oh no!
One of my students entirely failed to address any of the assignment's requirements.

Hoo boy. Some students really don't listen to the advice that they should make things as easy as possible for markers, do they?

Just went from one of the worst assignments I've read to one of the best and now I have whiplash

I need to go to sleep but I hate being alone with my thoughts

Critical Role S1E83 

If I have to sit through Matt telling Marisha one more time that that's not how her scrying spell works, I may well scream.

Dude at the bar is practicing his phenomenally pedestrian rock in the beer garden before his gig that starts soon

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instead of 'joker', they should have called it 'untitled joaquin phoenix movie'

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