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Just bonded with the doormen of my aunt's *building* and I feel real weird. At what point do I get eaten?

Just ran into Waylon Reavis on the way to grab some merch. Seems like a chill dude

At the Gramercy theatre for Bloodywood. Fuck. Yes.

Started the application process for a fellowship at Stanford.
This is very daunting

Hellraiser reboot trailer, horror, violence, gore 

God, I've been at the gate at LAX for 90 minutes now and it's still like another 90 until we board and I just want a dart honestly

I've been at the airport for an hour and I'm already sick of being in transit

Got the combo with whooping cough and tetanus, which is probably what's going on. But I'm disappointed I had to cancel D&D on such short notice

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Jesus, I have been *fucked* by this booster shot

One 中秋节 I will make moon cakes.
But not this year.

Got accepted for SST!

Will have to do it online though because I'll be in Tassie for my stepmum's 60th

I'm so curious why the KFCs in Australia are all like that

Finally catching up on season 4 of Stranger Things

Welp, that's a mute for not hiding your season finale spoilers on a show that literally just aired yesterday.

What the hell is wrong with people?

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