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Right. Who was it I saw taking about how we haven't had any real cold days this winter?
We need to have a talk about you tempting fate.

dracula: these people aren't entirely without..... taste :bloblewd:


me: do you eat people


dracula: no

:boost_ok: Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share again this Friday, so artists will get their normal cut of any sales (music and merch) plus the fee that usually goes to Bandcamp. This is a good way to help your favorite musicians survive the pandemic - especially musicians of color, LGBTQ+ musicians, and disabled musicians!

Here are all the dates Bandcamp plans to do this in 2020:
August 7, 2020
September 4, 2020
October 2, 2020
November 6, 2020
December 4, 2020

Umbrella Academy S2 spoilers 

I don't go in for romance much in my media. But Allison saying goodbye to Ray near the end of season two was very much my shit.

Give me couples unable to be together and I will eat that shit right up.

Umbrella Academy S2E9 

If they've just written out half the POC in this show...

Covid adjacent, mental health (+) 

Just got a random mental health check from a dude stopped at the lights. Just leant out his window and asked if I'm doing alright and not freaking out. Was very supportive when I said I'm good.

my brother is an evil genius and every time i think of this image i go supernova with fury

Important, server admin 

You just lost the game.

Still working, but starter got into the speaker and now it's quieter and fuzzy after clearing it out.

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Just. Fucking. Knocked. My. Phone. Into. My. Sourdough. Starter.

One of the linguists on this zoom seminar looks days away from death and the quality on his webcam makes him look like he has bodies in his basement.

Melbourne, Cake 

I just read this online, he's a friend of mine. Avi is an absolutely wonderful man with a good heart, a fantastic cook, and he genuinely loves food. If you are after a babka or hummus, definitely hit him up.

Dungeons and Daddies 



Chilli is just about done. Gonna use it to make nachos then have some of the fudge I just made for dessert.

When I die please send my skull to one of those sculptors who reconstructs faces from bones. Don't let them see any photos of me. Let's find out if they're actually hacks.

gonna retoot this here because.

pranking homeopaths by briefly dipping a fifty dollar bill into a glass of water, and paying them with the water.

Right. That went pretty much as expected. I have no idea why I was so nervous.

Turns out that doing what your supervisor asked you to do makes them far less likely to berate you.

Who knew?

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the shift from the twitch meme du jure being "kappa" to it being "pog"/"poggers" indicates a broader shift in the attitude of twitch viewers from ironically detached sarcasm to unbridled excitement. in this essay i will

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