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I am begging speedrunners to learn how to properly pronounce one (1) single thing in the game they're running.

Playing this video jame and I need an 8+ on a d20 to pass this saving throw and not die instantly.

I have failed every time out of the last 5 resets

I had a really good nap today (and missed the first session of the cricket because of it :( ). But now I'm kinda awake

If Warner or Harris retain their spots and Khawaja does't, after all this, it's going to get ever more difficult for the selectors to hide their racism.

3d printer is really going great guns. Not nearly as satisfying as making shit with my hands, but it's nice watching things come together. And I'm looking forward to fixing holes with green stuff and gluing them together.

Jeeze, you'd have to be reconsidering keeping Warner in the side now, hey?

Okay, looks like the print is working now. Gonna burn through the rest of my .stl files and then hopefully pack the thing away for a bit.

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Can't wait to finish up the minis that I have downloaded, so that I can do the fun thing.

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I'm loving the ability to print what minis I need (despite the fact that I can't play in person at the moment). But the lack of room in our garage means that the printer sits on my crafting table. So, I can't craft while I'm printing :/

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Had a couple misprints on the 3d printer and it's very frustrating trying to work out exactly what's gone wrong sometimes, because testing a "fix" takes hours.

Normally I haven't gone to sleep yet, but this year I already slept and have woken up and it feels weird.

After days of swearing and real temptation to return it to the guy I bought it off, I have finally managed to get a 3d print working.

Am now working on the mini that was giving me all that trouble. Have increased the exposure time some, and added even more supports. Hopefully this will work.

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"Finnish is the one language that has a formally neutral but informally reverential pronoun, that in spoken use is almost exclusively used sarcastically to communicate that this person actually is not respected." #linguistics


I'm fully aware that this isn't fair. I'm just cranky and venting. I'll get over it.

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Housemate's partner has a kid too young to get vaccinated. Which means, in order to keep the kid away from potential infection sources, I'm being asked to basically go into lockdown again until she can get her shots (March).

I know it's sensible. And I know it's the right thing to keep the kid safe.

But right now I'm more than a little irritated that somebody else's choice to have a crotch goblin is fucking up my life.

Like, not only are those suggestions patently ridiculous (if you didn't want me 3d printing, you should probably have fucking said so when I told you I was considering buying the printer), but to react to someone being despondent and frustrated with "You're doing the wrong thing and should be as inconvenienced as humanly possible" is hardly going to get someone to consider your ideas.

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I explained that no, that would be a foolish idea and her next suggestion was that I should sit in the garage for the entire duration of any prints that I make, so that the door can be left open.

I explained that, no, I was not going to literally sit in the garage with nothing to do for the 3+ hours it takes to print things.

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over the fact that I'm clearly disheartened and frustrated at the test print not working, and then I guess I'll make sure that for the 3+ hours that most prints will be, the garage door is wide open so that everyone walking by has a clear view and easy access to the thousands of dollars worth of stuff that all three of us store in there, with nobody around.

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First print failed (just because of wonky settings, apparently). Went to clean it up and try again, and my housemate came into the garage to see what it looked like. She immediately noticed the smell (fair enough, this is why I shut the door).

First thing she said was "you should probably leave the garage door open when you're printing" (meaning the one that opens *DIRECTLY ONTO THE MEWS*)

Yeah, alright. First of all, I guess I'll start with ignoring the fact that you've completely glossed

I didn't really want to learn the theory of how a new thing works about now. But I just bought a 3d printer, so...

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