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A dear friend of mine is working on a thing to produce a comedy festival Safety House Guide.
Its aim is to give people an idea of what to expect from certain performers/venues. They've got it ready to go for Adelaide Fringe, and Melbourne Comedy Festival (with plans to take it to Edinburgh). However, it's currently way behind in funding, and if it doesn't hit its target, it won't be able to continue.

Have a look and see if you might like to throw some money its way

Lily hasn't ever watched My Little Pony but she has great fun tracing the characters and making her own ones up in Procreate on her iPad. She challenged me to make one with the theme of "neon", and I came up with this, I'm very happy with the lighting in particular! #art #mastoart #creativetoots

I also drew/painted my old teddy bear Neddy, who I've had since I was one year old! #art #mastoart #creativetoots

if you're having a bad day please enjoy this sick picture of animals doing yoga: a thread

- cereal is made from milk and grain

- cheesecake is made from milk and grain with greater processing

- cereal is the primordial soup from which cheesecake is derived

Them: You can't just call everything capitalist propaganda.
Me: *points to a tiny dog in a sweater*
Them: no
Me: That's capitalist propaganda

Sunday's forecast has been revised down.
Looks like summer is officially over :(

i make it a point to silently offer a high five to every skateboarder who is zooming down the sidewalk towards me i always get a perfect WAP and it makes me so happy like fuck yes have fun my dudes

roses are cool
violets are sick
please respond
i showed you my dick

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