Fun side effect: my body clock has self-adjusted to New Zealand standard time for the past week. I haven't been to New Zealand in 3 years. I live in Melbourne 😵‍💫

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meta / eurovision 

Americans: I hate it when my news feed fills up during the Eurovision. I'm not interested in that crap!

Europeans who are bombarded with US politics every other day of the year whether we like it or not: :eyeroll:

Not sure why, but controlling my from via adb commands has always been extremely unreliable with regular dropouts between client and server. For remote control actions, it's actually faster and 100% reliable to get HA to send remote button push actions to the LG C1 TV and have it relay them back to the Shield via CEC .

Thanks for showing the spoiler on your front page. You dumb fucks.

Holy shit, if it feels like this triple-vaxxed, I can definitely see why non-triple-vaxxed people are in trouble

Ok the competition is over. San Marino has won no matter what the votes say

Thanks Google, it's been fun on G Suite Legacy for free over the past decade. But since you want to charge me $300 a year for it now, I've moved my setup to Fastmail who charge less, have human support and definitely don't use my email for marketing purposes

Damn I've missed . Day 1 of lockdown and cheered me up already

Huge if true. They're already teetering on the edge of losing subscribers thanks to a quantity over quality content model. Lots of competition out there now...

Netflix Could Add Ads Before End of Year

On the plus side, I had my flu shot on Saturday 👍

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OK, Miss Rona has finally visited. Here goes...

I was today years old when I learned how to find an replace FROM THE CURRENT LINE ONWARD in vi(m):


Since about 1995 I'd been using :%s/foo/bar/g to replace ALL and hoping for the best

Ok so it looks like needs to be connected to the cloud to set up. Dammit. Sorry, but that's a no from me. Back to Bunnings, guess I'll wait for the Hues to go on special!

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First impressions of : uh oh 😧

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Is it too much to ask for a voice assistant with a personality?

I wanna walk into a room, yell out "Alexa, crank out some FUCKING JAMS" and have it be like, 'np, I got you!' and then Exile on Coldharbour Lane starts playing loud.

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When lots of things are happening in your personal life and you have work stuff on top of it, the emotional burnout can be real. Might take a vacation soon.

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