I'm not normally one to brag about my physical achievements, but shaving over 3 minutes off my 1000m PB in the pool tonight got me feeling something

TIL that @github@twitter.com and @MicrosoftHelps@twitter.com Defender for Cloud's session monitoring definitely do NOT play nicely together. What a godawful mess that was. 🚮

Hey Windows Terminal dafuq is this lag like I'm on my old 1200 baud BBS terminal?!

Just got Rickrolled. Didn't know it was still a thing 🤦‍♂️

I'm weary of being told to be weary of things I should be wary about

Ah, shit

RT @iamdevloper@twitter.com

gathering research...

you, a developer, wear the following footwear:

🐦🔗: twitter.com/iamdevloper/status

Are there any alternatives to 1password that allow storing your own vaults? I use that feature in 1PW7 but sadly I don't think it's long for this world

RIP John Hamblin, half of my favourite duo of Playschool presenters with Benita Collings. So many happy memories of your time in my living room ❤️

Hey @github@twitter.com I think you're drunk... @github@twitter.com

You can thank ScoMo for pissing the French off with that ref call

So that's what's going on across the road. Score looks about right

Can any gurus out there tell me why I would ever want this to be disabled?

That'll fix it. No prizes for guessing who woke up this morning and walked out into a virtual sauna...

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