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Cryptocurrencies are only ALLOWED to exist, by governments, as long as they FAIL to fulfill their original promise: to sidestep tax, monetary policy and regulation.

Once there is any risk of them succeeding, there is an imperative to shut them down.

"My cooking is like my martial arts. If I actually do it, people die."

@liamvhogan oh man now I want a printer lol

(Also send back an auto-reply: "Your email was automatically printed - help save the environment by not emailing me!")

Racists never say what they mean, but hijack the language of consensus and plurality to portray a sense of reasonableness.

It's not "divisive" to give voice to first nations people. It just slightly dilutes white authority. That's why Kelly is opposed.

"The downturn is expected to be worse than during the global financial crisis."

Why describe a fall in housing prices in negative terms? It's very good for those less well off, and (in relative terms) only moderately bad or irrelevant for the rest.

Saying "worse" here suggests that property owners are being denied some inalienable right to see their wealth automatically increase over time, which can only come at the expense of the less wealthy.

"How did you get the cap off?"
"There's a little tab that you peel off."
"How did you get the second tab off?"
"What second tab?"

What's the argument here? That Labor needs complete quiet in order to play its inscrutable 4D chess game against the govt?

As someone who works in an industry that functions as if this were already the case, Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan can shove this idea up his arse.

I set my students an assignment to write a mobile game containing an improbability drive, smell-o-scope and Ben Kenobi as collectible items with special abilities, along with the Jade Monkey, roadmaps and ice scraper.

This is making for some bizarre conversations in the labs.

Racing NSW almost has a David Mitchell "baddies" moment, except it doesn't quite get to the required point of self awareness.

"There's been a lot of backlash against Alan," they complain, as if they haven't noticed that the guy has the ethical standards of a narcissistic tornado.


"Don't you trust me to keep secrets from my wife?"

*turns to wife*

"Don't take that the wrong way."


"I'd be more lethargic, but I'm too apathetic."

My god, online "compliance training" is such a dumpster fire.

People should know their legal obligations under law X. So we'll contrive some barely-coherent, tenuously-relevant multichoice questions with ambiguous answers, and make everyone randomly select boxes for an hour, every 2 years or so, until they "pass".

Thus solving the problem once and for all.

I love that I have such a rigorously rational work environment.

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