Marketing a book sucks. For , I'm certain (or unprovably egocentric enough to believe) that there's a nebulous group out there, in the world, who'd get a kick out of the story, the characters and/or the concepts. But finding them is a hell of a trick.

I've had very positive feedback from my awesome friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. It's kept me going!

is a novel about and , which at first glance fits easily into a certain type of blingy media spectacle. But there are two problems with this:
(1) I'm just bad at marketing;
(2) People don't listen to marketing unless it's really, really good.

Also, the story itself tries to cast a critical gaze on the subject. The robots aren't shiny metal with glowing red eyes. The AI isn't an emotionless, superpowerful entity beyond human understanding. There is war, but it's messy and unglamorous.

These concepts attract a lot of oversimplification and loose thinking in sci-fi, which I've had a crack at in a series of videos:

Breaking the mould and doing a "reset" on what robots and AI mean, in sci-fi, requires readers (or prospective readers) to trust me a bit more. You're not getting the thing that you already understand, and that's the point. You're getting a mystery.

A large part of what I should be doing, I'm sure, is just talking about it more than I do, on social media or wherever I can find to talk about it.

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