Academic integrity 

This is a wonderfully humourous and in-depth account of cheating at uni. I once discovered ~150 cases of collusion/plagiarism in one event, and so I have thoughts.

1. I really like the rigorous and simultaneously empathetic approach. It's a lot of work though!

2. Cheaters are, almost by definition, incompetent. They're actively trying to get out of competence. This bleeds over into their ability to account for their actions, or assess their situation objectively. They're just not very good at it.

3. Institutions talk tough, but they don't proactively *fund* the detection and processing of academic misconduct. Academics are "expected" to do it, but with what time and energy? There are no professional consequences for an academic who simply ignores it.

4. Official processes for investigating misconduct are hugely more formal than they were not so long ago. That formality is expensive.

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