More on Hyperion (and The Fall of Hyperion): it's interesting reading (listening to) a take on the future of what is essentially the internet, from before the web. There's a lot of overlap with Neuromancer, but more developed.

The "data sphere" (or "mega sphere" or "datum plane"? There was some difference that eluded me) is where all data-ery things happen, and it's a virtual world complete with physics engine. There are building-like structures, agents ("phages" and AIs) existing in a Euclidean space. In Neuromancer it was called "cyberspace".

It's wonderful from a pure storytelling PoV, and it's not a bad guess for the time when those stories were written.

But it's just not what the world looks like now, and it's hard to see it happening in the real future. It doesn't clearly solve an actual problem, and it's probably a massive cybersecurity risk.

In the books, there are battles in the "data sphere"/"cyberspace" that resemble contests of physical force. But force isn't a thing in the actual digital world. Real cyber attacks and cyber security are a matter of knowledge and cunning.

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