Hi. This is an . I'm Jack. I'm the science editor at, a good website on the internet. I write science stories for a living. I like to call out bullshit science and science reporting.

I'm ready to jump ship from The Bad Bird Site.

You can find all my stuff here:

@dctrjack Hi Jack, welcome!

One of the fabulous things about this project and protocol is that due to this open nature - you don't even need to completely "jump ship".

Some people don't like it though, so your mileage may vary.

My thoughts are that you should only post your original content here and no retweets or anything with an "@" in it via a crossposter.

See my timeline for my further thoughts on this.

@Posty Sick.

No time for cross posting though. It's all original content all the time baaaaby!

@jackyan please tell me you have a middle name and it starts with "R" ....


@dctrjack I used to lie and say I did, and that Clancy had to take out the full stop for legal reasons for his books. 😊

@dctrjack fantastic so what do you think about CRispr cas9 protein?

@dctrjack nice to meet you! I write sci-fi for a living - Got one scifi thriller in the can and I'm halfway through the second while I sent out query letters. Can't wait to see what you write about.

Welcome @dctrjack in the #fediverse . A decentralised universe of #freedom. Just be sure to express yourself freely without #censorship of unfair #gafam #algorithm.

@dctrjack Welcome Jack! Can you include a link to mastodon on your cnet profile (preferably with a rel=me attribute or link a tweet in which you confirm that this is your mastodon account? Verifying users is always a bit complicated if they are not exactly using a company or private domain for their instance.

@dctrjack Hi, and welcome here ! I am curious, were you trained as a science journalist or do you have a different training originally ?

@StrepsipZerg I trained as a molecular biologist, actually!

I did an undergrad in lab medicine, then a doctorate in molecular biology. I shifted to writing in 2016, at the end of my PhD.

@dctrjack very cool! That's definitely a path I am curious about for after my PhD...

@StrepsipZerg give me a yell if you want to chat about anything. Always happy to pass on what worked for me!

@dctrjack Welcome!
Me i like to call out "good websites" that invades users privacy with tons of trackers without any consent.

@miklo Nice one!

This is like telling the UberEats driver the food you ordered tastes terrible, but go off 😂

@dctrjack Heya Jack. Welcome to the neighborhood. Looking forward to the science backed myth busting :)

@dctrjack Welcome, Jack! I hope Mastodon will be just right for you.

@dctrjack – My husband is a NASA scientist, so I spend many a movie listening to him huff and puff and mutter under his breath that "that could never happen," "it really doesn't work that way," "ridiculous..."

@FredandWilma Hahah. I have a similar experience. I am glad it's not just me!

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