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I'm Dart. I sew stuff, mostly clothes, and lately I've been baking bread, playing War for the Overworld, and doing a few other things. And apparently jobhunting even though I'm not feeling especially enthusiastic about it.

I'm nonbinary, and neurodivergent, so sometimes the content gets a bit weird. I'm terrible about posting photos of what I'm working on as well, but I try to remember to include image descriptions when I do post a photo.

(Fair warning - I do sometimes vent about my mental health on here; I try to keep it CW'd and restricted, but it does happen.)

Computer for sale / worthy charity (DFW) 

I have a hefty Lenovo P700 workstation:

2 x 12-core Xeon 2680v3 CPUs
256GB NVMe
2 x 3TB HDD

This is a heavy, and electricity sucking machine... though it is quite quiet! Basically a 2 socket server, as a workstation.

On the off chance anyone on here in the DFW area wants it, make me an offer - it has to go within a couple of weeks 😄

Or... if you know of a DFW area charitable cause who would make *good* use of it, let me know!

politics, pride, us fascism 

if you're wondering why i've always in solitary with drag culture ""despite"" being a trans woman, the current situation in the US should be enough for y'all to figure it out.

if they come for one of us, they come for all of us.

pride is a protest.

phys health (~) 

Still feeling physically kind of blah; slightly worried about the possibility of an infection, but I didn't get the funds to cover the checkup this week in time so I'm debating whether to try for an appointment with the bulk-billing GP and throw this in with 'also can you do my meds scripts now', or wait for the 6 week check.

The symptoms aren't major and could be from other things, they're just annoying and combining to make me feel kind of off.

(And that's why I've been super quiet lately.)

one bit of work advice I've always appreciated, re: writing, is "would you feel like a dick if you said this out loud to someone?"

IME it's a great ... heuristic? (do I say that in person?) ... for checking if you're saying things plainly and clearly.

Dorothy Arnold was an heiress, socialite and aspiring writer who lived with her family in New York City. On December 12, 1910, she left the house to buy a dress for an upcoming party. She bumped into a friend on the street, and told her she was heading home through Central Park.

She was never seen or heard from again.

I am speaking about ancient spears at the online International Ancient Warfare Conference on Saturday, the Zoom is open to the public and I may share my talk later #conference #historodons @JubalBarca @eleanorkonik

begpost, please boost 

Hey all.

I have to get my medicinal marijuana permit renewed, and that’s about to set me back $200 that I don’t have.

Marijuana helps me keep my panic attacks in check and reduces their severity when they do happen, and recently this has been very very needed. Please, anything you can offer helps.

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

Linux gamers, anyone got a fix for a supersensitive mouse in valheim? As in, unusably sensitive. I end up in a top down view and spinning around at the slightest movement. #game #linux


I’m a hobby baker from Boston, MA.

My dream is to eat a chocolate chip cookie at every bakery I visit and document them. I’m not trying to find the “best” cookie, they’re all good cookies. I’m trying to describe all of the many variations of chocolate chip cookies that there can be.

In 2004, Calogero Dean put out a brilliant rap album called "Nobody Cares". Then he disappeared.

Who is Calogero Dean? It's a mystery!

Here's a track that provides just a glimpse at what Calogero Dean could do.

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What the Internet teaches me is that there's an overwhelming amount of talented people that never find an audience for their incredible creativity.

Few people are famous and successful due to being "better" than everyone else.

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The biggest lie that anyone can ever believe about their own work is, "The product sells itself."

It's untrue for music, film, and video games.

Never fall for that lie. Marketing and sales exists because the product never sells itself.

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Are you a Portland-based carpenter who likes making custom furniture? I work at a local furniture company and we regularly get requests for custom bookcases and other things (nightstands, hutches, tables, etc) and I’m always trying to expand the people we consign or contract with to include more queer people…hence the post on Fediverse. 💖 Say hi, happy to chat more/answer any questions!

Every once in a while I misread "Palpatine" as "Papaltine" and wonder what an Emperor/Pope mashup would look like, and it turns out that look already existed. Marlon Brando in The Island of Dr. Moreau – waxily pale, playing God, obscured by white cloth, posed like he's about to drop a rap album called "The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise" all in Latin.

:boost_ok: What random and useless words or phrases do you know from a language that you should not know anything about?

I’ll start: I know the Quechua word for “dog house” (alqowasi), a concept that while well-formed is probably alien to many Quechua speakers. I have never been to Peru.

I have nothing to say about this.

I'll see some of you again in several weeks.

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