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I'm Dart. I sew stuff, mostly clothes, and lately I've been baking bread, playing War for the Overworld, and doing a few other things. And apparently jobhunting even though I'm not feeling especially enthusiastic about it.

I'm nonbinary, and neurodivergent, so sometimes the content gets a bit weird. I'm terrible about posting photos of what I'm working on as well, but I try to remember to include image descriptions when I do post a photo.

(Fair warning - I do sometimes vent about my mental health on here; I try to keep it CW'd and restricted, but it does happen.)

I wish more people would realize that it is 100% okay to change your sexuality / gender preferences over your lifetime.

ADHD thoughts 

You know what makes it hard to be creative, have friends, go on vacation or play games? Not having any working memory!

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ADHD thoughts 

IMO, a lot of people internalized this idea that ADHD meds turn you into like a 1950s guy sitting quietly at a desk, doing paperwork. Or if you're a child, like all your stuffed animals no longer talk to you and you go shopping for a briefcase instead of playing

It's bullshit. I do more playing, creating and relaxing because of ADHD meds. Because I can choose what I direct my attention to. That's what it means to treat ADHD.

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ADHD thoughts 

I'm not a big fan of the talking points that wanting to gain a degree of control over ADHD symptoms is "toxic productivity culture" or internalized capitalism or whatever

Even if I didn't have to worry about a job (I do), I'd still be doing life on hard mode to not be able to direct my attention to things when I need to. Including things like my social life, my relationship, creative endeavors, hobbies, making plans with friends and family. All things treating ADHD makes possible

Hell, maybe I should look at prefab shed kits and see if there are any that would fit *inside* the existing shed, with a flat roof...

At least then all I need to add is the insulation and interior wall shell. I don't plan on adding electricals because I definitely don't know how to do that - at most, maybe adding a port for an extension cord to be run from one of the existing power outlets in the shed. Lighting with battery-operated LED lights should be fine.

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Alright, one last time for good luck :)
I've recently moved to Berlin for work, signed with an unreliable company that screwed me out of a flat (and possibly money) and am now moving from sublet to sublet, but need to find a permanent flat or WG with registration asap, preferably by November.

If you know anyone who knows anything, please let me know and signal boosts are appreciated!

What's annoying is that most of the guides online assume either that you're doing this for soundproofing (waaaay excessive for my needs) or that you're doing it as part of constructing a shed that comes with pre-made frames.

The cost is pretty hard to cut down no matter how I look at it though. It's a lot of money to spend to work around an issue caused by 'agent doesn't communicate good and owner is not in the least bit interested in comfort for a long-term tenant'.

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Nasal cycle - Wikipedia

"The nasal cycle is the unconscious alternating partial congestion and decongestion of the nasal cavities in humans and other animals. This results in greater airflow through one nostril with periodic alternation between the nostrils."

and I lived for 30 years thinking one half of my nose was permanently congested lol

"Korean Deaf LGBT plans to file a formal complaint to the National Institute of Korean Language to remove the existing sign expressions, based on prejudice against LGBT people, from the KSL dictionary. The activists think it might be difficult for the expressions they created to be registered on the dictionary, but they feel strongly that the language of the past, which spreads shame and hatred, should no longer be used."

I wish KSL users could be in charge of the KSL dictionary.

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It was always going to be an annoyingly expensive undertaking, but it's not helped by having to make it freestanding.

And given that it took a section 68 notice to get past the agent to get maintenance work that was first reported 4 years ago done, I seriously doubt I'd get anywhere trying to get permission to line and insulate the shed *and leave it there because I'm not undoing work that expensive*.

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Still pondering the room-in-a-room concept for making the shed comfortable outside of the very narrow window in the year when an uninsulated metal shed can be comfortable to be in...

It has to be freestanding, because anything anchored to the shed will make the agent lose her shit even though it would go a long way for the property value. And unfortunately, I don't have the first clue about wall framing.

Ideally I'd like to set the walls up as their own panels so the whole thing can easily be dismantled and removed when it's no longer needed, but again, NFI about wall framing.

If you were wondering how a clam uses its foot to move, here's an illustration from the classic textbook "Animals Without Backbones" by Ralph Buchsbaum. #clamfacts

All ADHD info is like "here's color coding to organize yourself" and none on "here's how to not feel awful without dopamine".

I wrote up some instructions on how to enable the "Edit button" on your Mastodon instance, if anyone's interested.

Basically edit
1. app/javascript/mastodon/components/status_action_bar.js
2. app/javascript/mastodon/features/status/components/action_bar.js

Uncomment menu.push({ text: intl.formatMessage(messages.edit), action: this.handleEditClick });

Do a yarn run build:production and restart your Mastodon services and that should enable it!

Boost appreciated 🔁

online dating question, boosts appreciated 

People who use online dating: what are some funny dating profile tropes?

We're building a semi-satirical game about being a matching algorithm for #ldjam51 and I need some ideas for more profiles.

Research survey on neurodiversity - extra interested in BIPOC respondents, boosts welcome 

This is a quick survey that is set up to explore the prevalence of certain traits and mannerisms typically associated with neurodiversity.

Donations of cash so I can get pest control supplies would be fucking appreciated, y'all.

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wifeguy (type of guy who's also a wife)

not to be confused with guywife, which is a type of wife that's also a guy

You know what you need in your life? More Caribbean literature & non-fiction.

I shared 10 of my favorite works in this little post from a while back. And I think it's still a solid list.

What would you add to the list? New or old!

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