Huh that's a interesting insight.

The current govt seems to unlock people's super every time there's a perceived crisis.


I know this wont happen... but I don't want morrison to just lose this election,

I want this to end his career spectacularly, such that he goes down as the the man who single handedly destroyed the coalition.

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The mode of the couple of years seems to be "accuse others of exactly what you're doing" ... because as dumb as it sounds, it seems to work?

Conservatives claim folk are 'snowflakes' but they're the ones losing their shit over fairy bread.

Terfs claim they're making women safer by actually making women less safe.

I'm honestly confused at it at the level of "how can you point something out and have people not notice you're the one doing it?"

Ok, streaming fps games now.

Also there's a cool ant wandering about on my screen. It's prolly pretty confused.

I'm gonna stream some random fps games I reckon. Like... soon. It's gonna be dumb.

In summary. If you're into these things... I'm not saying you're not free to make your own decisions.

But I am saying I -will- think less of you.

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On the evil end? Crypto and housing.

Crypto is creating UN-FUCKING-GODLY levels of co2 (and more issues) to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

Housing? Property is now a speculative fucking investment and non-investors need to compete with millionaires to get a place to LIVE.

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On the silly end you have things like 'fine art'.

I don't know a huge amount of the inside of this industry but from the outside it looks like it's -mostly- just investors getting hurt by it.

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Still following?

Ok so basically what seems to happen is you get a circle jerk of investors upselling to investors for a commodity in the hope they can sell to another ad infinitum.

I personally dub this a 'circlejerk market' and I'd argue they range from being stupid to evil.

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The problem is that in all these cases you're not adding any value or service...

You're just inflating the price of something someone else wants/needs and pocketing that difference as a profit.

This is why house prices where I live have gone up 50x faster than the world avg.

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Gonna be real with you... I -despise- all speculative finance

Housing investors/crypto/'fine art'/classic games/etc

And my mildly hot take is that if you engage in these you're kinda a bad person by default.

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Only with time you'll be able to learn the ropes of the Fediverse. Because it may look like Twitter. But the lack of algorithms means you have to actively look for people to follow and talk to. There are very few gamified engagement carrots for you to crave here.
The things that make Twitter so much more "engaging" are the very same that make it a toxic hellhole.

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It's so weird becuase it's just so different from the rest of the unity UI that works 100% with property drawers.

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Not only that but it's weridly hardcoded in... so there isn't even a way to say "Draw this propertyfield but don't use reorderable lists inside it".

Nope. It's there and it -will- fuck up the contents for you.

I'm honestly considering making a harmony patch that lets me opt out

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Ok I'm gonna be real.

The default reorderable list drawer Unity3d uses is SO BUGGY with regards to custom property drawers.

I mean I have an alarming tolerance for finding workarounds but ~damn~

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Like hot damn. The "this way only" views of programming I see on stack overflow are hillarious. My consoldences to whomever needs to work with those people.

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To anyone who thinks that mutating a struct in c# is a terrible idea.

You clearly have no concept of what my bar for "terrible idea" is.

I think most advanced c# devs will know a bit about this, but I've found very few people have played with it enough to know how to do it -well- (eg, avoiding gc and ensuring type inference).

So that's the reason I planned this talk rather than my other ideas.

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