Selfie, eye contact 

Had some dysphoria yesterday. Compensated somewhat with this outfit

Nothing to do but pick myself up and keep going. Time to caffeinate this bitch and get ready.

- Strength
- Agility
- Endurance
- Intuition
- Cognition
- Confidence


Selfie, leather, eye contact 

More fashion stuff I wore to work last week

I think I need to get involved with (or organize) groups relating to my different interests.

I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of the things I like to do, partly because my friends lives are changing but also because I became more insular in the last two years.

Selfie, eye contact 

Going to start wearing stuff like this on the regular. No idea what the style is called but it works for me

Selfie, eye contact 

This thing is a pain to put on, but I'm a huge fan of the energy it gives off.

Oh yeah, it's so here's a list:

1. All you folks are valid.
2. It's never too late to transition.
3. Everyone's journey is different.
4. You get to decide who you are, no one else does.
5. Y'all are hot.

Sidenote: my work is great, I can wear this stuff when I feel like it and no one even batts an eyelid.

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Charity mugger: "hey there!"

Me, wearing a leather pentagram harness: "..."

Charity mugger: "h-have a n-nice day"

Oh damn I'm thankful to past me for writing up detailed tech docs for the animation behaviour system I prototyped earlier in the year.

Without them I wouldn't have remembered half of what it needed to do.

You glorious bitch, I'll have a coffee in your honour today.

Well..time to get my shit together I guess

So ... not good at these. I do the following
- Play games
- Make games (for fun)
- Make games at 5Lives (for work)
- Drink coffee
- Take a lot of selfies
- Watch a fair amount of shows and speedruns

Anyone got suggestions for independent run replacements for these services?

- google drive
- spotify/youtube music

Preferably community/opensource but I'm pragmatic.

Btw, this is the kind of stuff I do in my spare time... it's also what I do for work (I'm a bit nuts)

That said the urgency is that I had an experience with amazon where I just flat out lost my account... and because they're big enough to they just made it impossible to recover.

If that happened to my other accounts? I'd be pretty fucked yo.

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In the process of reducing my reliance on fb/google/etc.

Quite apart from the risk of losing access to one of these accounts, I just hate this 'centralised internet' we have now. Bring back the chaotic mess of new websites and services.

The "old internet" ran on the currency of what's new and exciting.
I don't mind new approaches to things, but get-rich-quick-crypto grifting and facebook's meta are a fucking future I want none of.

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