On tuesday my talk is happening.

- I'm going to teach you to do crimes with c# generics.
- It's 3x more content than any of my previous talks, jammed into 45ish minutes.
- There will be no pictures. Just a torrent of code crimes and swearing.


open call to folks at .

If you want to set a time to catch up just DM me and we can grab coffee.

I'm not signing up for the meet2match nonsense as I really don't like it.

Welp, the gravity circuit demo does it for me.

It's like megaman crossed with a fighting game.

So apparenly @HeritageBank@twitter.com courtesy SMS messages on credit card due dates silently stop after 6 months.

Just long enough that you can start to rely on them.

Nice dark pattern. I guess it's time for me to switch banks.

So... @IkeaJapan@twitter.com decided to turn blahaj into a real estate agent selling dystopian micro apartments?


Getting chrome would really appeal in a cyberpunk setting. Though IRL it's a bit more sketchy. Your nerves are read/write...

do you trust big corps with write access to your synapses?

Honestly the most punk thing seems to be to stay 100% meat.

I need memes that are criminal.

My talk is about doing crimes and so far all I can think of is putting Bussi on every page.

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Ugh... I'm doing a whole talk that doesn't have visuals. Just code snippets.

Please give me suggestions for what random sorts of images I should insert to keep people on their toes.

Just a heads up folks.

There's a number of scams being directed at lgbtq+ folks on twitter because we tend to support one another.

If you don't know the person... Always google the wording of anything posted as a request for help to see if it's a copy paste scam.

*without doing crimes.

As a bonus for anyone who got to the end of this. Let me tell you about how I've been getting around some of this bullshit...

use harmony (as an editor-only) assembly in your project.

It's an open source lib for post-patching.

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Anyway. This has been part of a trend of unity locking down their stuff rather than letting us devs hack/tweak/extend it that's been around a while now and it really shits me.

It's like how in timeline they have their GroupTrack but you can't extend that or create your own ones*

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That's just one example. There's all kinds of other stuff too like:

- it's -impossible- to opt out of using it. The thing is bloody hardcoded in for all lists/arrays.

- it assumes that everything drawn in the list only contains items belong to the same asset as the list itself

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The bugs only show up when you start doing something a bit different. See it has some bonkers assumptions in the code.

Eg, formatting. Everything else uses a consistent 'fieldwidth' setting to control how much space it takes up horizontally.

Meanwhile ReorderableList:

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Some of you might be saying
"Hang on, isn't that better than the old list editor?"

1. That's a pretty bloody low bar
2. It kinda... isn't?

See the main problem is that it's buggy as hell and it's -extremely- hard coded in. They force you to use it.

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Arrite. Here we go. Rant time

Im gonna bitch about something most of you using @unitygames@twitter.com are using kinda unawares of just how bonkersly screwed it is.

I'm of course talking about ReorderableList
🧵/ lots

Going to be real with you all.

Writing a talk that's 100% about c# generics is hard, and it's not like there's reference screenshots that are anything except code or diagrams...

I guess shitposting it is!

Ey! Guess who's a bride now!
I just married @ThornPuck@twitter.com (again)

Wedding decorations up. Games go up first thing tomorrow. Quake lan downstairs.

Decorations hand made by my partner. Props if you can recognize what they're all from. __

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