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@futzle even after I learnt “wr” did the same thing, my fingers would still type “wr mem”


@futzle I noted the lack of a leading A. But if you need a 1921…

Alright. My Wahoo RFLKT+ seems to have stopped connecting to my iphone after ~5 years. I enjoyed the disconnected/non-cloud experience, and the fact that I already had a phone that had a GPS and all that guff in it that I could run Cyclemeter on. But so it goes.

Is there any reason I shouldn't just go and buy a Garmin 530? Are there other things worth considering?

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@futzle woah. I managed to _just_ keep my head above water with freeradius, doing far less than this. That was over a decade ago, and I thought I’d destroyed those brain cells by now!

It's been nice reaching 10 years at work, but the attention it brings terrifies me.

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@futzle definitely a “nature telling you it can wait” situation, I reckon.

@futzle cheers. I’ve been curious about things like these for a while, but am still trying to find some round tuits.

@futzle what kinda device are you measuring atmospherics with? (Bonus points if it works with Home Assistant)

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@ajft far canal! Hope you feel ok soon.

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