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Our beloved Nhu Lan bakery in Footscray now charges $8 for a BBQ Pork Bánh Mì. Still worth it, though. My new seagull friend seemed to agree.

I should probably add that I only made it through about an hour or so of the gig before my back suggested I Do Something Else. Stil, it was worth it! Crappy phone shots:

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Alright, I made it to this gig! Northcote Theatre seems nice enough inside. Hoping to hear 40-something years of memories from The Church*.
* the one with Steve Kilbey, not those other ones.


Back in the southern lands, needing a more wintry in something I hadn't seen for a long, long time.


My - Mountain Culture’s Moon Dust Stout, and my mid-2000s vintage(tm) Northcote stubby holder.

eye contact 

Day one of off to a good start.

Eye contact, pointing. 

Being wary of clubs that might accept me as a member, etc etc.


I made it to mid-week, and I officially declare it Weather. Hurrah!

Hey @gippygunzel, @ThermiteBeGiants and others, have you seen this book? It's a curious crossover between train content _and_ a famous 20th century Australian photographer (Rennie Ellis).

[also tagging @austrains now I know about it]

- The Brian Jonestown’s _Third World Pyramid_. I picked up some releases early on in their career and then lost track, but their recent stuff’s been great! Vaguely psych rock, but it depends which album you’re listening to.

: one of this arvo’s pickups from Thornbury Records - The Tears of Technology, yet another excellent compilation from Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs, this time of early 80s synth music.

11 years of glory. Still running the OS off the original 250GB drive. Time for a well-earned break, but you still work fine, so I’m not quite ready to say goodbye…


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