Hi folks, I'm trying moving to because a) I'm curious, b) Straya. I've run a couple of "tilde"-like services over the years, and there's something in that world that I miss nowadays and hope to somehow find a way of sustainably recovering as a way to escape from my daily grind. I once helped some people start a User Group back in the days when we all wore onions on our belts. I love long, aimless where I can listen to and practice my skills.

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@cos Welcome to godzone instance! Hope you like it here.

@futzle cheers. a change is as good as a rest, right?

@cos I think I have a (long dormant) account there. Wonder if I should move to it.

@acb I’m curious if the “local” aspect has any gravity. I never got much out of the “local” tab on my other host. Will I get much out of this one? It’s easy enough to experiment.

@cos Last time I was there (years ago), it was one or two people posting a lot and nobody else posting all that much.

I’m still contemplating setting up a small instance for friends/foafs, as that could be more organic

@acb yeah, I’ve been trying to hold off running my own instance. I’m too old for this shit. etc

@cos There are hosted services, such as, which cost barely more than a lightweight DigitalOcean instance

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