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Hi folks, I'm trying moving to because a) I'm curious, b) Straya. I've run a couple of "tilde"-like services over the years, and there's something in that world that I miss nowadays and hope to somehow find a way of sustainably recovering as a way to escape from my daily grind. I once helped some people start a User Group back in the days when we all wore onions on our belts. I love long, aimless where I can listen to and practice my skills.

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Remember going to gigs? Me too. Here's Richard Andrew (Underground Lovers, Registered Nurse, etc) back in March 2002. He's doing a gig mid-October for the first time since...possibly then?

You could all do with a little more Scott Walker in your lives.

Having a simple pie for lunch unexpectedly lifted my spirits. Small mercies, etc.

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phwoar. AirPlay 2 support arrives in shairport-sync! - keen to see if it works with my Pi 3 + DAC.

I'd never heard of SIANspheric until eMusic (remember them?) pushed a split album with Adam Franklin / Toshack Highway at me.

I'm glad they did, as this is a lovely track that I'd almost forgotten:

40 years of the CD: - I own more CDs than other media but at the same time, they're all hiding away in boxes.

welp. getting ssh-key-signed commits working with Gitea was a nice distraction yesterday evening. now getting Woodpecker CI going with it.

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Lovely roundup of some calmer games - - having long ago interest in shooty-bang-bang ones (but really, also everything else), this speaks to me.

continuing to struggle to find the Round Tuits to a) process the rest of my holiday photos, and b) write about it. hoping inspiration will appear somehow, soon. it’ll come when it comes,

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the Sunday morning ritual - make a coffee and do some volunteer sysadmin work for a co-op while listening to Vital Bits on 3RRR.

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