Someone in my law class is asking for a e-book version of a legal dictionary cos it's 'easier to do a ctrl-f instead of flipping pages' .....
is it just me or am i feeling old?

emacs ravings 

Everytime I think "Can I do X in emacs/org?" The answer has been "Yes, and here's also 17 extra options that enable you to do X, Y *and* Z!"
Admittedly, I do have very modest requests of my applications. :blobcatblep:

Jumping into emacs and org-mode. It's actually
I can do stuf!

It's all downhill from when politics becomes a team sport :ohno:

I don't know how i feel about this :/ - Construction sand mining a new export as first shipment heads to Singapore With a shortage of sand for building, Singapore will import more than one million tonnes of "socially and environmentally responsible" construction material from Western Australia.

This birb* thinks he owns the birdbath, and announces it to the world everytime he visits.
*: Husband thinks he's more of a borb

I know drought threatens an entire livelihood/way of life, but isn't drilling for already precious groundwater simply making the situation far worse? :/ It's a short-sighted solution and definitely won't help us change for the better.

Animal Crossing: i gave Anchovy an anchovy. Based on the amount of puns in the game, i was hoping for some kind of reaction but was disappointed :(

In other gaming news, husband is gonna use this phrase from Gears Tactics at work: "Brace for assholes"

Natural selection in operation

handling insurance claim for client. quote from their sparkie "Find attached quote for electrical work needed to repair/replace damaged equipment and wiring from the deadly weather that ripped the lid on your crib."
poet in the making

Hi everyone, I quit fb for the privacy issues but came here for the community :)
Perth/Mostly lurker/inexplicable aversion towards hashtags but i'll use it this time :)


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