Recently jumped down the mechanical keyboard rabbithole. Bought an Ergodox EZ with MX Brown switches, didn't like the feel (too light, and kinda scratchy). One week later I'm ordering a batch of lube, different switches, and tougher springs. My next goal is to get my soldering game on and make a custom keyboard for my husband. woohoo

@grumpysmiffy @emmadavidson you guys have just reproduced the quintessential aussie diet on my feed - this calls for a celebration :ablobcatrave:

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To any musicians on Bandcamp:

Can you ask the Bandcamp support, why they use Google Analytics with their shared players?
I myself do not want to have _my listeners on my_ sites tracked unasked by Google
_at all_.
This is also a legal issue for any site owner within the EU.

I've asked BC's support already, yet unanswered. If we were many asking this we can form a critical mass around this issue.

Thank you for all you do & please boost.

#Bandcamp #tracking #google #privacy #followerpower

A final f-you present for 2021 from the WA gov - losing power on christmas day in 42deg heat. Thanks guys.

Huh. I just found out Julian Assange also uses/used emacs 0_o
Was looking at the script comments on windmove and they attributed something to him

everyone else: we need a climate plan
AU gov: fine here's your stupid plan

AU politics again, sorry 

How can our PM stand at G7 and proudly say something so dumb as fighting climate change = fighting covid??? Plus, I doubt we'd be as successful at covid if we had lots of land borders and higher population density. We were merely lucky. We won't be as lucky regarding climate change though.

Is it just me, or has it become almost impossible to find durum wheat (for pasta) in supermarkets since the pandemic? Even woolies lists only a few stores in my area that stocks some brand I've never seen before, and the San Remo one I usually get is just unavailable.
merh, whatever, first world problems. Back to studying for exams.

rant/whine - home improvements 

we've been having water damage issues, reckon it's the bathtub cracked drainage bit, thought we could just unscrew it and replace it, couldn't, called in a plumber and now it's turned into a remove bathtub job?! rah

Politics, india ban, retired cricketers 

Sooo our government is looking to sporting celebrities as their moral compass now.

**Disrupted sleep is linked to increased risk of early death, particularly in women**
Sooo, er, prob not a good idea to have too many kids, or not at all?
... I'm probably taking this article waay out of context.

Ever since covid, watching the news feels like we're being inundated with images of people sticking things in other people...nose swabs, now needles

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Augh why is some federal pinhead talking about WA firefighting efforts happening on the ground like he was responsible for it, when instead they should be addressing national issues like climate action?

making chicken stock (crazy in the middle of summer, but the roast chook carcasses were piling up in my freezer). My favourite bit is skimming the scum. This phrase always comes to mind: "the scum always rises to the top." Skim. Skim.

Watching the US inauguration because ABC news won't give us anything else. Is just me, or anyone else cringed at this: while walking from his car with his family, he walks past a whole bunch of people in the sidelines then suddenly runs towards one person to talk to them happens they're black. And he does it twice. Overcompensating much?

This vaguely hit my radar when it first came out, but i'm trying to pay more attention now. It's depressing though - probably 90% of my electronics purchases are from companies on that list.

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Wow. Just wow. This is the best blog post of 2020 as far as i'm concerned. Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

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This year's Christmas Playlist that Doesn't Suck is out, and by Thor do we need things that don't suck this year.

Each year I make a playlist of various artist's arrangements of classic holiday songs to protest horrible xmas muzak.

Not all songs will be to everyone's tastes, but pop it on in the background while you're opening presents or tucking into the pud' and listen to some well known tracks by all sorts of artists.

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