Want to know something that grinds my gears? That on LinkedIn, whoever was the first to add "Powershell" to their skills section didn't capitalise the 'S', and now autocompletion is ruined for everyone. 🙈

Remembering the good times, as an Australian StarCraft player on dial up, getting kicked from the lobby because it was taking me too long to download the custom cat and mouse map. Ah, memories.

After all these years of this website nudging me in the right direction for my troubleshooting and I never reply with my solutions, now I should really give back.
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@aussocialadmin good luck with maintenance! Hope you have your favourite AM beverage at hand and all goes well. 🤞 ☕ :coffeepals:

TFW you discover a much better way of deploying something, and then you realise your brain is going to make you go back and implement it in all your projects whether they need it or not.

Ahh jeez @Hbomberguy@twitter.com, fooled by the Skyrim video for a third time... guess I'll watch the Pathologic video for round 10 instead 🙂

TFW you spent 10 times longer than needed on a feature just to make it do something unnecessary that you think is cool.

It's nice when the pipeline you setup months ago just works, and the website repo you tentatively pushed to updates flawlessly.

I've been working on a script the past couple months to export Group Policy Object settings to CSV files. Now it works. I hate XML. That's the tweet.

Remind me about that KotOR stream please @RaptorShadow@twitter.com and @HYP3RSTRIKE@twitter.com

Holy shit. Charles Montgomery in the first season of American Horror Story is Gavin Belson! Never noticed before.

Watching the @redlettermedia@twitter.com Obi-Wan re:View, and I just figured it out.

Obi-Wan Season 2: he transfers half his remaining "life force" to Qui-Gon, bringing him back to life, while causing his advanced aging before A New Hope.

That explains it. Disney, cash, no cheques please.

@aussocialadmin hey mate, is there any issues you're aware of with Keybase verification? Mine bombs out at the aus.social/settings/identity_p ... URL.

All the noise in Dev Twitter, and I don't see anybody asking the important question.

Do you sign your Git commits?

Just surfaced from the depths of learning everything there is to know about GnuPG keys.

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