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if you need ideas on how to organise, how to help your community, let me suggest catching up on red planet episodes:

they've really helped me feel like we can fight this hell world and make it better.

nice radio, but it seems to only pick up the one station


i got ready to vote and now i'm too tired to go vote. after the lunch rush then.

characters in the book of the change series have heart names, names known only to family and loved ones, and use names, names for every day use


oh jeez, i wonder why i identified with these books so much

> Ros is in real danger. His family are so desperate to save their drought-stricken farm that they'll sacrifice anything - even him - for rain. His only friend is Escher, an unseen entity with a voice that whispers in Ros's head, continuously warning him to leave before it's too late.

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i think i started the follow up to the change series, books of the cataclysm, but i don't think i finished it

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the orphans of earth series is also really good, tho science fiction rather than fantasy, i don't know what happened to my copies of that.

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i'm gonna be stuck with barely functioning internet for a while

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why make me pay $25 for next day delivery when it won't be here for a week anyway

i have been laying in bed for 3 hours

i was annoyed, so i redrew everything tonight and got a much neater layout, no traces on the top side at all so i can just switch to a single sided pcb in the future. no more worries about aligning the top and bottom sides.

y'know what, i'm smart as fuck. i've fought tooth and nail to have any self esteem at all, it's so good to finally say it.

there's a cat in my bed, in the verry middle, hiding under the blankets

what a shit day, no internet and too sick to do anything


stress or stomach bug, who tf knows

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