I'm Locke , 34 fluidy enby thingy, he/they. Australian living in Finland since 2018. Software developer (former CS researcher) with a finger in every pie (cybersec, devops, normal dev, cloud)

I sometimes make music, albeit not in recent times though. Plays strategy games, simracing, and whatever the latest AAA RPG is. I also used to make interactive fiction and teach.

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@birlocke_ Hi there!
How do you like Finland? Every so often we entertain the thought of trying another country for a while and Finland often crosses my brain.

@jamesg I quite like Finland (although right now it's an interesting time to be on this end of the world). It's a good mix of "what the fuck is this" and "oh, everything is really nice and supportive". Everything is on the expensive side and initially people will seem to be quite cold.

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